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Saturday, April 5, 2008

52) False Awakening and Retrieval - Stephanie

I had a WONDERFUL experience a few hours ago and have to share it. It seems that I was finally able to constructively use my 'false awakenings' to help someone! As you all know, I felt this learning how to handle this type of ‘awakening’ was being shown to me for a reason, and intuitively I felt it was for just this type of thing. I am just so thrilled!

Here's the experience as I had to write it as soon as I woke:

I became aware of vibrations, and could hear the TV playing (my signal I'm getting ready as the TV is never on at this time) so I knew I was about to get out. My first attempt was unsuccessful, as I got half way up but couldn't separate. I became aware again of being on couch after a short bit, felt the vibrations, and heard the TV playing again (game show theme song) so knew to try again.

This time I rolled out separating easily, said, "to the door!" I moved to the side door, slowly, and was amazed I could see fairly well for a change. I saw the dining table and chairs, so I put my hand out to feel chairs as I passed. (Everything was much clearer this outing).

At the door, I knew I could go through, and still felt the texture change as I passed to the porch. Then I flew up to trees, enjoying freedom of flight once again. I swooped and dived, going higher and higher, until I realized I'm really not getting anywhere, and thought I might be losing awareness, so said ` Inward now!'

I felt an immediate shift in movement, turn around maneuvers, and a LONG backward pull. I was initially concerned that I didn't go anywhere because I ended up back on couch! (Prior to sleep, I did state my intention to use a false awakening should one occur.)

I heard noises like family members were up and moving, and heard my husband come down stairs, concerned he was coming to look for me on couch to get me to go back to bed. He came over to me and hugged me, but I just didn't move - pretending to be asleep despite my thoughts that I'm really awake.

At the point where my husband came to me and just `disappeared', I remembered this might be a false awakening and that I wanted to use it. So I `yelled' mentally out to my living room area, `is anyone there?" and was SO surprised to hear a small female voice say `yes, I am'. The voice was only heard in my left ear, as I clearly knew my head was on the pillow with my left ear down.

I asked her name, and couldn't understand her response at first, asked her to repeat it, and she said `Stephanie'. I could not see anyone, so I asked "what can I do for you, how can I help you?" not knowing anything about who I was talking to.

I was a bit shocked to see some small fingers and hand appear suddenly by my left ear, coming through the pillow! I remember something about `pins or needles' being stuck into the pillow by her fingers, but I don't know what that was about. I took her hand, and immediately I could see a young girl of about 10 years lying on the floor next to the couch, looking at me, holding my hand tightly.

She's telling me all about how bad she feels and how ugly she looks with all these `bumps' all over her. She appeared to be a very sick young girl, covered with chicken pox or small pox like bumps all over her body, and she was swollen and sick looking.

I can't remember exactly what I said to her, but she told me that this man had come to her and wanted her to go with him but she said no because she knew that meant she was going to die if she did. She held tightly onto a stuffed monkey, one with long thin arms and legs.

Somehow I was talking with her (can't recall what I said exactly!) and I mentioned `magic' and now had her attention. At that point, I said "come on, you can fly with me!" and we both took off out my living room window flying, still holding hands! I know I'm forgetting here a lot of what we did, but I know we had SO much fun doing it!

I do remember at one point flying with her and telling her that she could be anything she wanted to be, and she wanted to be beautiful – so I said," it's magic, look, you're beautiful! Look Stephanie, you're beautiful!" I was swinging her around and just have such a joyous time playing with her. She's smiling and glowing, and getting into the flying by herself now.

She and I were both in front of these two trees, and she said, "hey look, I'll race you up to the top of the tree!" So we both zoomed up, and sure enough she beat me, but at the top of my tree, I saw a `cradle' with a baby in it and thought `oh cute, it's rock-a-bye-baby-in the tree tops'! I showed Stephanie and gave her the baby doll that was in the cradle, but I also think it was an intuitive thought given that I needed to get Stephanie to other help.

The next I recall I'm tucking her into her own bed, with her pet stuffed monkey next to her. She's holding the new baby doll, and I'm covering her with this beautiful golden blanket. She's smiling and so happy and I'm feeling SO happy and content myself knowing she's so happy!

As I tuck her in, I see a young man come in off from the right to the side of the bed, as I tell Stephanie that this young man is going to take good care of her now and that when she wakes, she'll be just fine. (The young man was very familiar, had a `knowing' smile on his face, and a comforting feeling to his presence)

Everything faded to black, and I was just so happy and joyous I felt like crying! I still am so thankful for this chance to help and yet, I feel I also got something out of it! I couldn't thank the Universe enough for giving me this opportunity, and am so utterly amazed at what happened.

I am so glad I have people to share this with, as I truly can't begin to describe the feelings that were incorporated in this experience. Words just don't' do justice to the intensity and fullness of the experience, but I hope I've been able to convey just how emotional and joyous this experience was for me. I feel like I've been given such a wonderful gift with this experience!


Freddie Rivera said...

Hi Karen, its your new friend Freddie. This experience, was a true one that only a few can understand like myself. When I say this is because astral projection is real, and those that don't understand or never experienced it will just say that it was a wonderful dream, but we know better. This just shows the type of person you are, and I am honored to know you.

You helped a soul that needed to be helped and it was a success. When I read it I got very emotional because I have had similar experiences. God gave us this gift for a reason, and you are using it exactly as God wants you too. You know what others don't and that is "Your purpose in life", God bless you.

Your new friend, Freddie

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm new to this blog and only recently became interested in OBEs. The experience you describe here is quite amazing. I have had false awakenings. At least one that turned into a brief lucid dream years ago. I was stunned when I read here that you heard a voice in one ear for I too recently had an experience of hearing a voice in one ear. I am not sure whether it was during a false awakening or perhaps it woke me. It was very clear and very real. And only in the ear on the pillow. The voice said, "Help me!" For I second I thought I might be going mad, but it was very real. Now after reading your experience I am wondering if someone somewhere was literally seeking my help. I am a bit curious if the girl in the experience you had might be someone you recognize from a previous experience somewhere who was seeking you personally or was she just someone who happened to be with you in the same place at the same time. Thanks for this Blog. I'll be reading more.