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Monday, September 24, 2007

21) OBE during Workshop

I had the great fortune to be attending the workshop given by William Buhlman in Maine over the past weekend, and want to share with you the experience I had the first night there.

With affirmations and visualizations given as ‘homework’ for the night, we all went to bed, hoping to wake after a few hours of sleep to begin again with the intent of experiencing an OBE.

I awoke on my own at 2:22am (a good sign for me with the numbers!), and after getting up a few minutes, I went back to bed to start the affirmations and visualizations again. After a while, I had apparently fallen asleep, but my mind registered the feeling I was still awake, as it felt like just a continuation of what I had previously been doing!

Now I am listening to all the running water from the other rooms (this was an old restored mansion we were staying in) from what I assume was the other participants who were also up in the middle of the night also attempting to do their ‘homework’.

So, I’m listening to the running water, wishing I’d just fall asleep or OBE, and suddenly felt the air around me become electrically charged, warm and tingling. Looking at the small TV in the corner, I somehow ‘knew’ that it was going to turn on all by itself, and no sooner than I had that thought, it DID! (Remember I said I felt I was awake, but as you will see, I apparently was not!)

That freaked me out a bit, but I didn’t do anything, thinking “Well, I’ll just lie here and not move to see what happens”, as I know the key to success with OBE’s is not to do anything about unusual happenings in the night.

So, the reminder for you here is that I usually have dream conversions where I see/hear/feel something unusual in a dream and then am able to become ‘aware’ that I’m dreaming. This allows me to just roll out and get OOB.

Now, I’m assuming my ‘higher self/guiding spirit’ realized I wasn’t going to do anything about this anomaly (because I thought I was AWAKE!), so when I looked at the clock on the bedside stand, it said 7:47 am! When I saw that, I quickly ‘rolled out’ of bed as I thought I was going to be late for breakfast at 8am!

Now I’m standing by a fireplace near by bed in my same physical room surroundings (fireplace is NOT there in real life, but area where one would have been is), getting undressed to get ready for breakfast. I remember pulling a sock and then a snowmobile boot off my foot (again, I should have realized this anomaly as a trigger to becoming aware within the experience - as I don’t usually wear snowmobile boots with socks OVER them to bed!)

As I stand up and look off to my left, there is a young man standing there – non-confrontational and smiling – but rather startling to see as I think I’m getting undressed! He’s about 18-22 years old, has a left eye that is deformed/lazy in some way, dark hair, and is wearing a blue cotton shirt. I immediately get the feeling that he’s here to clean the room.

Again, I’m thinking I’m really awake and this is just a bit more that I want at this time, so I yell to him, “get out!” Just before he fades, he hands me a rag-type item that I get the impression of the words ‘soot cleaner’ with. (I guess he just wanted to clean the fireplace!)

I then feel the quick pull back to bed, and wake up for real at 4:21 am, with nothing but peaceful quiet throughout the room. (No TV, no running water)

This 'false awakening' sensation is a bit more frequent now in my experiences and I wonder if it is my attempts at becoming OOB while NOT in a actual 'dream' state.

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Lucy Dee said...

William Buhlman is the man!!