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Thursday, July 30, 2015

196) Triggers to Lucidity and Helping Rafael


I had another short experience last night that I wish to share, as it shows that there are souls who are in need of ‘conscious dreamers’ to help them realize a change is needed.

One of the key points I try to use when getting out of body during a dream is the ability to realize that something ‘isn’t right’ or very unusual, which will make me stop and question my physical status.  These triggers to lucidity generally take the form of unusual events or dangerous situations I find myself in.  When that happens, I stop and assess my ‘physical’ status.  If there is ANY question at all whether I’m awake or dreaming, then I know I’m dreaming! (Because when you are fully awake, there is NO DOUBT that you are!)

This experience started with me back in my prior hometown walking down the road and finding an entire freeway built above the country road I was on.  I realized this had to have been built overnight, and puzzled as to how this could be possible! Still, I did not question my status (as I should have) at this time and continued on with my ‘dream’ life.  Walking into a home I am familiar with on that road, I was again surprised to find myself sitting on loose gravel, near the edge of a very deeply dug hole that was in the basement of this house. 

Usually a dangerous situation is a strong indicator that I am dreaming, but once again, I did not heed the situation and assess my status and kept moving on, climbing to safety, wondering why there were stone tunnels under this house, and then entering into a room upstairs in the home.

Again, I can remember ‘physically’ feeling the eye mask I was (actually) using to sleep STILL on my face while I’m in the dream, another key point that should have made me more conscious of my dreaming status.  I dropped something, made a loud noise, and heard from another room the homeowner asking ‘who’s there?’ 

Initially I was concerned, but then answered, ‘No worries, it’s just me” and moved out of the house.  It was on the steps as I was leaving that finally the unusual situations I was just in made me conscious of my dreaming status, and I knew I could get out of body!

I jumped high to confirm my status, and was thrilled to once again find myself flying and zooming over the countryside.  I can remember thinking how crystal clear my thought processes were now, being totally conscious of all that I was doing!

I just wish I could explain the elation and joy one feels when totally free of the body and physical density.  I asked to ‘go where I needed to be’ (as I always prefer to have the Universe decide my best travels)

I found myself watching in horror the collision of two large trucks from high above, as semi-trailer and a gasoline/oil truck at an intersection.  The oil truck completely T-boned the semi-truck and there was chaos and confusion all around.  

I watched as the driver of the oil truck got out and attempted to put out some flames with an extinguisher – and yet I knew it was all in vain. 

My next memory is of meeting this truck driver as he stood in front of me, looking very confused. I asked him his name, and clearly I heard, “Rafael”.   I remember talking with him at length and at one point saying ‘I’d like to get to know you better’.

He became anxious, stating ‘no, no – you can’t ‘ and the knowing I felt (as much as not in words but feelings) was that he had a bad experience with another woman who he allowed to ‘know him better’. 

I eventually realized that he was living his last moments over and over again, confused and afraid, unaware that he had passed over to spirit during this truck accident.  As an out-of-body traveler, I knew that I was ‘visible’ to him because of his continued ‘perception’ of being alive and connected with the denser physical realm.  He was unable to see those around him of a higher vibration who were trying to help, and I can remember asking him to ‘look around’ and see those with him, which he couldn’t.

After a long talk (of which I have little recall for the specifics), I only remember asking him the general question, ‘Well, do you think it’s possible that someone could be dead (passed over) and not realize it?”   He stopped and thought for a long time and finally said, ‘well, yes…I guess it can be possible” at which point there was a very bright light and what felt to be an ‘ending’ of a movie.  He faded out and I found myself back into the dream life I had just come from. 

I was in this half-conscious dream life for a while before I realized consciously that I had to waken and get Rafael’s experience recorded.  Already I had forgotten much of the experience but recorded what I could recall. 

It is so difficult at times to pull enough conscious awareness into your dreams, even with triggers, hence this fragmented experience.  However, the idea that you can be of service  with your astral travels is what’s important to know from this experience. 

Although I will never truly know what became of Rafael, I do know that because I helped him to open up his perspective to another possibility for what he was experiencing, that he could now ‘see’ his spiritual helpers. I sent him love and peace, knowing he was now in good hands.


Nigel said...

Your insights about determining lucidity and awakeness and rightness are very interesting.

I wonder about the changes to your old stomping ground and the holes under the houses. Could it be that these are symbolic of the death of your old life?

It was most interesting about Rafael. Was he in a state close tpo that which a ghost is meant to be in, straddling the physical and his new life beyond? I suppose that you were on a similar wavelength. When we are OB, presumably we are still close near to the periphery of the physical state. I believe that part of us remains in-body when we are out.

RichiLee said...

I discovered your technique of inducing an OOB on a website. A while ago I had a spontaneous experience and I didn't even know what it was. Since then I have been studying OOB and now I'm trying to get over my fear of leaving my physical body. I can literally feel myself leaving my body and it makes me feel like I can't breath as if I am dying. This has been my fear. I suppose only practice and trust will bring me past this stage as I am so keen to get out there and make discoveries. Thank you for your teachings. Bec

Unknown said...

Hello, I see no one has made a post in a while. I wonder if this might be a good place to talk about my recent OOB, spiritual encounter and unknown. I have had some recent strange and exciting events take place but mine are not like in-between of a dream they are usually happening in what seems like real time and the state between awake and asleep. I don't go back into any dream after because I am usually aware of my body and just wake up. I had it happen different this time. I'd leave my body and then be back in it and wake up but I wouldn't let myself fully go back to sleep and I induced a second OOB and this happened a few more times. I'd say five or six to be honest. I was practicing. For me when I leave my body, every time. I find it hard. Like preshude is pushing me and holding me back. This time I fought and I ask for more energy so I could be stronger. I basicly flung my self out of my bed onto the floor to rool out of my body cuz I find a lot of pressure comes from above. I always have a hard time standing and often have to crawl or I'm on all four. I try to look back at my body but my mind seems to block me somehow and I either have an obstacle in my way I created a wall or my body is covered by a windy light orf white I can't penetrate through. The same light or energy seems to push me and I have like to walk through it like a windstorm. I can't seem to stay out of my body very long. I have no issue taking my hands out but I can't get all the way up. Like sitting up seems to be a problem. I have a distinct feeling of my body in paralysis and my spirit body being separate from it. Like there r two of me. It's nice when I can. Controls and feel my spirit self free from my body. I do feel less trapped. I use to be so scared because one time a long time ago I felt a crazy grey static electricity energy that was like some crazy energy coming in and some energy coming out as if it was like I was there and I wasn't and it was fast in intence and I didn't like or understand it and so I made my self awaken. That sometimes makes me wonder if I had a seasure and was aware of it. I'm not know to have those but its possible one was induced that day because of the book I was reading about spirituality and the auras I was trying to see. Anyway back to OOB, the other night a heard a voice in my room say "Hello", I felt like someone was in my room. I wasn't scared and I replied, " Who are you", there was no answer. Oh I should add to this so you know that when I have an opertunity to leave my body I can see my room. I know I'm asleep and I know I'm in my room and where I am. I literally think my brain or sport gives me the ability to see through my sleeping self and to my surroundings. So thats why I often just wake up cuz I know where I am and what I'm doing and sometimes loose the power to keep maintaining my self asleep conscious. This other night is the most controls I have ever had. I find every time I'm out of my body the world around is foggy or full of light ...but its not light, its just like white energy over everything. I find it had to explain. So again, this night was different. I will see if anyone replys before I write more cuz I have a lot to say. I think my room has a spirit in it. Also saw a orb, a form and not long ago my partner died and he visited me. So this could be becoming a trend as the fear I use to have is long gone. I just can't seem to controls it at all yet.

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I moderate all comments hence the delay in showing up. You are welcome to email me for questions & I can help direct you to more sites I know are helpful. Thanks! I am unable to see your email address from this site.

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I moderate all comments hence the delay in showing up. You are welcome to email me for questions & I can help direct you to more sites I know are helpful. Thanks! I am unable to see your email address from this site.

Anonymous said...

Good post.

Limnosophy said...

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