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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

157) Metamorphosis - Signs and Synchronicities Help with Change

Although I don’t like to write too much personal stuff here on the blog, I felt it is important that I post here what’s been going on in my life over the course of the last six weeks.

I have done much reading about the ‘changing energies’ and such that is part of this time in our lives, and I do believe that this is all playing a part in what’s happening with me.

You may have noticed that my OBE experiences have not been of the same type I am used to having, with little recall and activity happening. It is mostly due, I am sure, to the emotional issues I am going through, as my ‘focus’ is not intently on having OOBEs at this time due to major changes in life.

The biggest catalyst for this change for me had to the Hurricane Irene on September 26 and the flooding devastation that it caused to many families in my area. I was luckier than most, yet still had to deal with a flooded basement and clearing out 25+ years of memories and possessions that I treasured from my past.

Just the week before we had experienced our first East Coast earthquake in over 100 years. This did no damage here, but was a bit disconcerting.

Of course, the Universe knows that an uneventful earthquake and mere flooding isn’t going to be enough to kickstart me into action with the full cleansing process that I needed to do, so it gave me other issues to deal with like a frightful tire blowout in rush hour traffic one week, my credit card being stolen and used another week, and a repeat flooding with Tropical Storm Lee that passed through the following week.

In taking stock of my life with these issues, I had to further realize that my married life was also doomed to the cleansing process, with the knowing that we had grown apart and were no longer capable of giving or receiving what we both need to have a full life. This was a very difficult step for me to consider, yet one I know had been in my thoughts frequently over the past year or two.

Over the weeks, I asked constantly for help in sending signs and giving me guidance as to what I needed to do. I can see now how many of my lastest OBEs and even dreams gave support and significance to what is happening, although I haven’t been able to post them due to personal content.

I want you to know that the Universe does provide for signs and comfort when needed, and especially if asked for. I never needed some signs as badly as I did this past weekend, and they were there for me. It still amazes me to think of the synchronicities that fell into place to get me where I am.

I will share the few that I can, and it began with a Facebook post by a good friend (psychic) who saw these monarch butterflies that were “insistent” in getting her attention. Although she didn’t know who they were for exactly, her initial feelings were that they were for me.

I didn’t place too much faith in this as a sign specifically for me, but felt it could be, as my grandmother is always associated with the monarch butterfly because she loved them so much.

That same day, while outdoors trying to think about how I had to make these changes and wondering if now was the right time, TWO monarch butterflies come out of nowhere and start fluttering all around me!!! I watched in amazement, and silently thanked the Universe for the sign and support that it was all going to be ok.

Later, the same night, in a Facebook post, I see someone posted another butterfly photo and just below it was a beautiful picture of a red-tailed hawk. I knew at once that this was another sign for me, as the hawk has been with me many times, in real life, every time I needed a sign before.

There is a hawk that lives in my area that I never see unless I need validation about something. I saw one the day my grandmother died, as he swooped down in front of my car and landed next to the road on a post in clear view. At THAT time, I knew my grandmother was passing on (which was accurate to the minute) and I gave thanks again for the signal and comfort that all was ok.

It’s funny how even though I wasn’t outdoors, the Universe managed to make sure I still saw my hawk JUST when I needed to have the comfort! I was so totally amazed!

I was now certain of my actions and what I needed to do. The following day, just prior to making the official changes, I walked outdoors to center myself. I asked once again for a sign, if possible, just to be sure, and what happens?

ANOTHER monarch butterfly comes out of nowhere and again flutters all around me!! I smile so wide and thank the Universe profusely for their support and now happily and contentedly am able to go full steam ahead into creating a new and wonderful life for myself!

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