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Monday, July 11, 2011

Pass Through Truck - A Miracle in My Life

In discussing the idea of ‘true reality’ with others, I shared an unusual experience I had many years ago that I felt was much similar to this 'change in solidness' that I felt in my last OBE (150- Levels of Collective Consciousness). I feel it might help to share it here on my blog as well. This experience, however, it was in real life, hence my strong belief that you should be able to alter physical 'reality' as it is only an illusion of what 'true reality' is!

To share quickly, I was driving on a highway, going over a bridge. I pulled out to pass a long semi-truck (tractor trailer) and was just about half way up past him, when he decided to pull into my lane!! I had nowhere to go but over the side of the bridge, so I slammed on my brakes, knowing full well I was too far up the side of the truck to completely miss him!

It all played out in slow motion, hence why I KNOW I saw what I I'm repeating to myself, "he's going to hit me!" watching the truck move closer knowing I'll be pushed to water below....and then was UTTERLY AMAZED to see the back corner of the truck PASS THROUGH the hood of my car as he pulled completely in my lane in front of me!!!!!

I was shaking with disbelief and needed to pull over after he continued on his way, never realizing how close I came to certain death! I questioned myself as to what I really saw, but then I also KNOW that I did not make that up....I SAW two solid physical objects become 'transparent' and pass through each other, keeping me safe (but just a bit shook up!)

I think part of me 'knows' the real truth deeply, as this is why I am adamant about how illusory this life really is when I’m discussing it with others….but I can understand why others have a difficult time with this idea!

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Karen said...

To continue on with this theme, I had an experience again this morning that gave me food for thought. I feel right asleep last night and didn't wake too much during the night...but gosh, this morning, when I woke I was intensely 'living within a dream' and I felt that disoriented and lost feeling..(as I have done lots of times!) ...until I realized where and when I was!! lol

Makes me think, though, that the SAME type feeling many have when they pass over in death?!? Only those with deeper beliefs about what to expect when they pass on don't 'awaken' as easily...hmmmmm....this does show you how tenuous that threshold is between what WE call 'reality' and what others may perceive as their reality!

Whilst the dream is being `lived', it seems just as real as our waking life. So, why couldn't we forget previous life in the same way, at birth? I know this is what happens, as we have agreed to this physical life under a veil of forgetfulness. But it’s not inaccessible, only forgotten!

IMO, it is that time, just before waking, that one has the closest connection with this 'other realm' and yet, how many of us take the time to 'linger' before waking to try to access it? We are ingrained to jump up once awake, dismiss any 'dreams' and continue on with our day....hurrying to get to work, take care of issues, etc. It may be a suggestion to many to try setting the alarm a bit earlier, to allow for this 'lingering' and see what insights you may discover!

c Light said...

Hi Karen, I follow this along the line of what Seth says in Seth speaks - that in dreams, we do have dreams that imitate our physical reality, but not all dreams are based on that reality. I think that the ones based on this reality are ones that our subconscious creates for us to understand our situation better in this reality. When we die, we don't need the material basis anymore, and so it is more energy based. That is why we are freer after we die if we don't hold on to physical ideas, and why we can help those who have not crossed over that are holding on to them now before we die.They are holding on to our reality and can see us better than the energies that are trying to help them over there.
By c Light

c Light said...

Let me amend that by saying that I think there is a variety of things that can happen when we sleep - we can astrally project and interact with others in the materially based reality, we can astrally project in other realities, and we can create materially based scenarios to learn to deal with that reality.
I have been interested in dreams ever since I realised that I often visit places in the awake state that I visited before in the dream state. It is amazing. Also, I once dreamed that a great uncle of mine, that I never talked to or about to anyone, had a stroke on the right side of his brain, and the next week he did. He hadn't had any health problems with strokes previously.

Tom D said...

I was taught many years ago that with the right focus, things like the truck experience could occur. When the experience begins, there must be, either consciously or unconsciously, the pure intent to go through the experience without harm. As you describe it, you were doing this without knowing to do it, so some deeper part of you was in action protecting you for a purpose.
Glad that part kicked in! :-)