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Monday, July 4, 2011

150) Levels of Collective Consciousness

July 4, 2011

I had a difficult time falling back asleep this morning after waking as usual about 3am. I found myself in that ‘twilight’ state for most of the next few hours, where you know you are not asleep, yet your body is very relaxed. Despite my best efforts, there was nothing happening.

I felt a bit frustrated at this apparent inability to get into the right mindstate for an exit, and finally after two hours, gave up and turned to my MP3’s I’ve used in my early years.

I was thrilled to realize that it worked and I now found myself at the edge of vibrations ready to separate! I could clearly see the back of the couch I was lying on, and knew I could just climb over and get out, so I did! It was an easy exit, and I wasted no time in taking off flying.

Once again, I have to apologize for the lack of recall, as I’m just as frustrated as anyone would be when they know there was SO much more done while out of body and yet, upon full consciousness, the memories disappear!

What I do recall is flying over some sort of building, open structures, rather like a wooden garden pagoda shape. As I passed over, I would put my hand down to feel top part of the structure, surprised to see that I could feel a ‘solidness’ to it and other times notice that my hand passed right through. I remember thinking why was this happening? (I realize now it was likely a prelude to what I was to learn)

My next recollection is walking through streets, telling myself “I will have full recall” trying to impress what was happening in my memory. I’m now sitting with a female, and the only word that remains is ‘consciousness’ as the topic of our conversation. My impression is that we were talking about the many different levels of consciousness that exist and how it depends on where we are in that ‘mix’ as to what we will perceive as reality.

I remember learning something like is it not just our individual ‘consciousness’ that determines our ‘reality’, but that it is a combinations of all the ‘consciousness’ levels that exist in our physical environment. I had always thought that there was my own individual one, and a general ‘collective consciousness’ that existed that ultimately affected our physical lives here.

What prompted this, I believe, is a discussion I have been having a discussion with another about what ‘reality’ is. He feels that what we know as our physical reality here is more of an ‘external’ and separate influence in our lives, and which I believe is more of an individually created and influenced reality existing here. I did, however, agree it was difficult to fully understand how one person can affect what appears to be ‘external’ physical reality in any big way due to the overwhelming ‘collective consciousness’ effect that exists as well.

I now seem to understand that our individual consciousness is not just our own perceptions, but also what we have assimilated through a multitude of levels of other ‘collective consciousnesses’, from the smaller family and societal level consciousness, to larger religious and cultural consciousness that also make up our individual realities. This is very difficult to explain, but the idea was that there were many more levels of influence out there than just the two I had thought.

This was also shown to me in a series of ‘hands on’ demonstrations, where I can recall trying different awareness levels and doing different tasks. For instance, I can remember being adamant that a surface was solid, completely and utterly impenetrable, and to prove it, slammed my hand down on the counter to show how sturdy it is. Yet, at the same time, I knew I was out of body so I should not be able to do so. I remember the ‘feel’ of that solidness, only to change the next minute when I was told to raise my vibration and awareness to be able to gently glide my hand right through that same surface!

One other demonstration had to do with the sense of smell, and I can recall asking what that smell I was being shown was and the word ‘coriander’ is all I have left of those details.

Again, it seems I am always saying how much I don’t remember, but yet somehow, I am able to bring back at least a little bit to share! There was so much more but at least I do know that I came away with a deeper understanding of what reality is…and what it isn’t!


Anonymous said...

The idea of a Collective Consciousness must be sounding less and less implausible, to open minded skeptics at least, than it used to.

The theory of Morphic Resonance and the new biology of Epigentics are two fairly new developments that should give any (again, open minded) skeptic pause.

On YouTube Rupert Sheldrake explains the former; Bruce Lipton the latter. Both are true scientists - not bound by dogmatic Materialist beliefs.

Oliver said...

Part of the effect is explainable by the model of the different energy bodies. Let's say you're in an etheric environment (dense) with the etheric body (dense). It is solid. But if you're there with the astral body (subtler) you can pass through. When you raise your vibration you might pass to a different body altogether (from dense to subtle), even if you feel the change to be more continuous. Of course you can see this model more like an aid for understanding rather than the whole truth.

So, it's not so much "being out of body" but "which body you are being in in which environment" that determines your degree of freedom. At first this would only seem true for the degree of freedom of movement. But the same is true for the mind. "Higher" bodies on "lower" planes also enable you to seemingly break the rules in that the higher body is not bound by the rules of the plane as it is not of that plane. And similarly, you also carry a degree of knowledge and lucidity that surpasses that of the surrounding plane. You come down to the etheric plane with the astral body, you can have a much higher degree of lucidity, because to the astral body filter on your conscious awareness it is much more apparent what the nature of the etheric plane is.

Similarly, higher vehicles place less and less filters on your consciousness. It's like removing layers of thin cloth to let the light of your consciousness shine through.

Yet usually we don't experience the presence or absense of such filters/bodies directly, we just experience a difference in capability, clarity and lucidity that we cannot quite explain. Furthermore, until the higher vehicle is more fully developed it might at times seem less or even way less capable than the lower ones due to the limitations experienced during the process of mastering it. It's like trying to detect that you lived in a colored soap bubble all the time by changing the color once in a while, and sometimes the bubble is more obscured and less, but you have never seen reality without one. It's not easy to spot but over time the skill develops.