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Monday, May 30, 2011

Remembering for a Reason


I think I’ll share with everyone an interesting ‘epiphany’ I had this morning and see what others think of it.

I was walking down my driveway this morning, slowly strolling along and enjoying the fresh smell of ‘just rained’ air, feeling the cool breeze on my face, and listening to the beautiful sounds of the birds enjoying their morning. I was ‘connecting’ to this moment, feeling a part of this beauty, and trying to impress its sensations into my memory.

As I was doing this, I felt a familiar ‘twang’ of sadness, in thinking that once we are no longer in our physical bodies that these very ‘human’ sensations would not be available to us in the same ‘feel’ as we have now.

I can remember I have always tried to ‘impress my memory’ with these small moments knowing I’d want to recall them at a later date, but never really sure why I did it. Little moments like feeling the spray of rushing water, the soft smell of rain-soaked earth, the sound of a kitten purring, the sight of a simple cloud formation, and just everyday life moments that were not ‘significant’ in any big sense but somehow I knew I needed to take the time to ‘experience’.

Today, while walking and being one with it all, I heard myself think a thought that I don’t think I really thought!! lol Instead of a sadness in thinking this physical-ness is limited to what we have here, I was told that it is THESE experiences, this connection and taking the moment to FULLY feel in the here and now that will be remembered, just as we are experiencing it now when we pass over!

I realized that when the sages say we are here to ‘remember’, it also means that we are to focus on all these little experiences of human life that are so specific to this life! By remembering we are spiritual beings (step one) we can then move forward to remembering our experiences (step two) so that there is more to experience with our ‘selves’ once we return!

So many people go through life just dashing about, moving from one experience to another, and never truly ‘experiencing’ the moment! It is in our conscious imprinting of the simple beautiful moments while we are in physical that will allow us to TAKE WITH US the memory of how it feels!!! It is never lost once we return to spirit!

Somehow this revelation made me even happier today to know that I am here in this life, eager to keep moving forward with my experiences, and thankful that I can consciously experience these special moments to take back with me when I return home to spirit! :)

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Tom Dewell said...

Those moments you describe are the ones that are really important because in those moments we are really present with our existence. It is this "being present" that aligns us with so much that we normally miss.

These wonderful experiences become the pearls of wisdom that we take with us on our long journey of life and they can never be taken from us. They are our experience, our wisdom, our treasure.
Keep having them!