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Sunday, September 6, 2009

110) Flying with Daughter, High level 'Experience' Learning

At this time, I am only posting those experiences where I feel there is something of some importance for others to learn from. I have had a few other OOBEs just prior to this one, but again, they were mainly for my enjoyment, as the best I would be able to share with you is my love of flying and doing acrobatic swoops and spins!! lol

As always, my email is open to anyone who wishes to write and share comments or experiences. I do wish let you know that you CAN do this - and that you CAN set intentions and have them be experienced!!


Part 1
I went to the couch and attempted to remain aware as I fell asleep, using my energy circulating visualizations. My first awareness of something happening was hearing someone walk into the living room (it sounds so 'physical' that I always feel it's real, but remain quiet in case it's more - which it almost always is!)

This person came up to the couch and unexpectedly, jumped onto the couch near my feet and curled up with a sigh as if going to sleep with me! I realize immediately it is my daughter (one who has been going through rough times lately) and I instinctively know this is her 'non-physical' self that has come to be with me.

I even remember that I was able to recall the fact that she is currently out of state and therefore cannot really be here in physical - so this confirmed to me it was an OBE starting. I remember that I told myself she was in Virginia, but in physical reality, she is now in California! Minor detail, but it shows how the 'mind' works even in the astral - it knew she was 'out of state'!! (Hmmm, actually both physically out and also 'energetically' out!)

Knowing I'm OOB, I sit straight up, move to her side and gently call her. She's distressed, telling me all these things she has to do (dentist, labs?) so I put my arm around her and get her moving with me. I tell her we're going to 'take a ride' (not exact words, but to this effect) and we move together toward the side wall of the living room.

I remember I worried slightly that she may not be aware she can easily pass through the wall and will hesitate, but I just take control and move with her through the wall to the outside night air. I feel the cool, invigorating freshness and fly upward toward the night sky with her at my side, arm in arm.

We fly together, and it feels SO wonderful! I ask her, where do you want to go? I have a brief memory recall that I wished to go see someone, but also knew that the moon was of special meaning as well. I recall seeing a beautiful nighttime horizon before us and the gently curve of the earth as we flew so high, so I asked if she wants to go see the moon!

She says no, she needed to go to 'Virginia' to see her Marine fiance and be sure he is ok. (In reality he's in California - where she is now!) I say, 'OK', and tell her that we can be there instantly by just 'knowing' we are there, and will not need to continue flying. We then closed our eyes, focused on where we wanted to be, and knew as we opened them we were where we wanted to be.

My next recollection was that we were flying high above our intended area, and told her 'we are here, let's go down!' and with that, the fade back began and I awoke back on the couch. I felt so happy upon waking - the love and comfort I was able to give my daughter gave me such joy!

Part 2

This part of the night is really very short on details, as I intuitively know it a 'higher level' experience and the degree of return I remember having showed me even more that it was not my usual 'lower physical' OBE. You will be disappointed with the detail, however, I am NOT disappointed with the OBE!! I just wish I could make you 'feel' all that I felt and experienced! I am left with such deep joy and love....

I have to also say that in addition to meeting someone, I put forth the intention that I would like to be with my guide(s) and to learn more. I can't believe how well intention works....It was even more than I ever expected!

The first part of the OBE found myself with a guide (perhaps even more than one) that were showing me various rooms. In each room there was so much learning going on! I was enveloped with an 'experience' within each room, yet have no recollection of what each experience was! I recall watching a 'video' at times, yet it was more than just watching - I was a part of it!

Once I was done in one room, I moved into another, and then another....and each time there was another 'experience' that I so loved!! I SO wish I could recall what I was doing, but it was truly indescribable.

At one point, after a series of rooms and joyous learning, I told my guide that I wished to go see a friend. I distinctly remember a transition of sorts...and then that wonderful sensation of my friend entering on my left and I asked, "is it really you??" and yet knowing that it was!

There is no specific details of our time together except the knowing that it felt like it lasted forever and that I was able to experience all that I wanted to experience!! There was no 'time' just 'experience'....this entire OBE was all about 'experience' and the sensation of being with and knowing.....oh, I just can't describe it well at all!!!

Interesting, though, throughout the entire 'experience', I KNEW I was OOB and was always looking for that 'signal' to go back, not because I wanted to, but because it was SO long!! It had to be the longest OBE ever! Yet, I was being allowed to stay and experience more and more, in such a joyous state!

One detail I recall was that I felt I needed to 'see' this friend - as I could not 'see' a physical form. I tried to use my 'eyes' to focus, but gave up after a while and just went with the total 'experience'....It was just so moving and emotional....

That began the first 'pull back' where I entered a mindstate where I knew I was 'waking' but believed I was truly awake! I was trying to record what had just happened (it was SO much to recall!) that I was upset I was already forgetting much of it!!! Then a second 'pull-back' began and I realized that I was NOT fully awake and recording, and with the full awake status, I forget even more!!!!

This double pullback always tells me that the OBE was of such a 'high level' state that my recall is not going to be much because I was so far 'out'. It feels like an entirely different way of 'understanding', a wholly different way of 'experiencing' that just cannot be put into words.

The entire OBE was all about 'experience' and what I felt was of such a high intensity that I just can't even begin to make others understand how it felt! SUCH a loving, joyous emotional state - and yet these words don't even begin to describe it!

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