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Monday, February 23, 2009

William Buhlman Workshops - Please go!

I thought I’d take the time to make sure those of you who are really interested in learning how to dreamwalk and travel out of body are aware of the upcoming workshops to be held by my mentor, Mr. William Buhlman, author of Adventures Beyond the Body and Secrets of the Soul.

As you know, I attended one of his workshops and it was one of the best experiences I ever had! I highly recommend those who are able to attend to do so, you won’t regret it! It may even help you move ahead with your own experiences, just as it did with mine!

See my blog posts #20 and #21 for more details as to what the workshop incorporates and for the OBE I had during that workshop!

If you can, please go!
Be sure to tell Mr. Buhlman, as you will get a chance to talk to him personally, that Karen sent you! :)

Below are the workshop sites and dates, and you can follow this link to find the contact information and more details:

PLEASE GO IF YOU CAN! ...and remember, Karen sent you!

Adventures Beyond the Body Workshops

The Avalon 6185 Arapahoe Rd. Boulder, CO
Located at the base of the Flatirons in the Rocky Mountain Front Range
March 20-22, 2009

Sedona Masonic Lodge, 135 Shrine Road, Sedona, Arizona
A wonderful location situated in the scenic heart of Sedona
April 17-19, 2009

South American Workshop
San Antonio de los Altos, Vía Amarillo, Calle Sur 1, Los Pinitos Villa Rafols, Estado Miranda, Venezuela
May 8-10, 2009

A wonderful B&B location situated in the scenic rolling hills of southern France.
June 13-14, 2009

A great location near the Forum in the heart of Rome
June 20-21. 2009

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