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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

83) Leaving Traces; False Awakening Understanding


I was awakened at 3:33 this am, which told me that something was up. However, in attempting to induce, I found myself unable to relax due to my mind thinking over the events of my personal life right now.

So I got up, did a little work I had neglected lately, and after two hours or so went back to bed. Feeling tired, I remembered all the wonderful emails and posts I received from many of you who responded to my email and forum requests for energy and healing support at this time.

Feeling the strong loving energy surrounding me, I was easily able to relax and fall asleep. My next recall was my usual ‘signal’ – I became aware of a ‘transitioning’ movement sensation, and realized my left leg was floating straight up!

I was excited to think I’d be able to get out and immediately moved to quickly roll out as usual. However, I was SO surprised to see that I was feeling held back in some way, as if I was being told to move S-L-O-W-L-Y. I couldn’t understand at first, but listened to the feeling, especially since I could tell someone was holding onto that left leg and not letting me swing it out off the bed!! LoL

I gently moved the leg back down in place, and then slowly ‘climbed’ straight out of my body! Standing next to the bed I was once again totally amazed at the clarity of this exit, with full vision and stable soft movements. No tugging or pulling, even this close to my body. I vaguely recall that may have even been able to see my own body on the bed, at least my legs! The room was exactly as it should be, and I moved easily to the porch door and out.

Once on the second floor porch, I looked over the railing and was just astounded at the beauty of the back yard and the clarity of vision I had. Looking to the hill on my left, I noticed taillights of a truck going into the back fields (where my son does some hunting) and remarked, ‘oh look, Stephen’s going hunting!’

I moved gently through the rail, even now remembering how it appeared to look down to the driveway below. Floating softly down, I was surprised to see my dog Buddy racing out the same porch door and right through the same railing to catch up with me! (He has accompanied me a few times before in my OOBEs)

On the ground, I take the time to just enjoy the pleasure and peacefulness of being out. I don’t recall exactly what else I did, but I do remember at one point floating up to the top of the pine trees we have in the yard and seeing a vine growing all through its branches.

It was a familiar vine, one that I knew broke off easily, which gave me the idea that I should break off a piece of vine and move it somewhere that I would be able to find after I woke up! I don’t know how I had this thought, as I have never before sought to leave ‘traces’ during an OBE that I would later hope to validate once awake. I left the broken piece of vine in the center of the driveway, thinking it would be noticed there.

I was excited to think I might finally be able to verify my experience with this idea so I went back to get another piece, wanting to place this one in a very obvious place for verification. I broke off another piece and then was distracted by noises coming from the forested area behind me. I thought I heard voices, and felt that I wanted to go see whoever was back there. I threw the vine toward the driveway, not really caring where it went, and took off for the forest.

My recollection ends there, as I became aware again of being back in bed, only to later realize it was a false awakening. In hindsight, I realize that it is my ‘real life’ concerns that play out in these false awakenings, as the issues that occurred are issues I am dealing with currently with my family.

During the false awakening experience, I am aware of my ‘shortcomings’ in how I am handling certain family situations and how I am feeling toward my husband and daughter (this one). I didn’t like the way I felt in the false awakening scenes. However, upon fully awakening, I see that it was all ‘false’ and that it is simply an issue that I need to deal with in real life, as it didn’t really happen. (I hope this makes sense, but I didn’t want to bore you with the family issue details).

I attempted to write down the details of this dream, as my recorder was not handy. As I am writing, I know I am forgetting something. Suddenly, I hear a gunshot from the back fields, and quickly recall that I had seen the taillights going into the back fields at the beginning of the experience! That timing of the gunshot was not by chance, I am sure!

I went outside to the driveway in hopes of maybe finding SOME evidence of my travel this morning; however, there was nothing to be found. However, my son DID call a short while later to let me know it WAS him in the back fields sighting in his guns to get ready for the hunting season that starts in a few days!

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