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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

81) Controlling Thoughts; Incomplete Memories

I moved to my ‘traveling couch’ as usual and used my visualizations and affirmations to get into the right mind state as I fell back to sleep. Here is where I become aware of being in vibrations, with short light bursts of vibrations at first. Knowing this is my signal I am about to move out, I affirm and intensify these vibrations, willing them to become stronger and stronger.

At the height of intensity, I make my move and find instead of ‘rolling out’ as I usually do, I practically jump out of my body! Once again I am amazed at the clarity of my senses…no blindness, no pulling or tugging, just perfect vision and a flowing ease of movement.

Easily I glide to the door, not even having to consciously ‘affirm’ my intentions... just thinking of the door starts my movement!

My brother Wayne was here and talking to someone about something he wasn’t supposed to have done. I knew it was middle of the night, and wondered why he was here so late. I was in the front yard and remembered I had wanted to do “inward now!”

However, my attention was on his truck as he climbed into it to drive away. I flew to the top of the truck, and was surprised to see my dog Buddy on top with me! As he starts to drive away, I jump down and decide I’d like to try to race him, knowing I could go as fast as I wanted with only my intention.

Having decided to test my speeding abilities, I forgot about wanting to do inward now. I see him driving fast down the local road, and I race to catch up alongside him. I’m doing the ‘Superman’ pose, and thinking very clearly that it is my thoughts that are driving my actions. I am enjoying the speed as I see oncoming traffic heading toward me. I briefly think about a potential collision, yet still knowing that I would just pass through anything that I encountered. However, I took note that my speed slowed down upon the very thought of fear and potential collision.

The scene transitioned to another room where my brother was talking with someone about being accused wrongly of something, and I knew he was starting up with some sort of drama that I didn’t want to participate in. As left the room, I noticed two young female twins, about aged 10, that were very familiar, smiling at me. I knew I had seen them before, yet could not remember where.

Once into the hallway, I remembered I wanted to do ‘Inward now!’ and did so. I immediately had the usual movement sensation and found myself still in the hallway, but with my vision now clouded and hazy. I could hear a ball game playing on the radio or TV, and twice yelled out, “is anyone there?” There was no response and I tried to move, yet found my movements awkward and difficult.

The rest of the experience is only vague snapshots of memories that I recorded without any cohesiveness. I know I was looking for a young teacher who was needed to teach ‘newborn’ and ‘6-12’ (?) There were ‘other’ temporary teachers there, as they were ‘covering’ for others, because there were many other ‘missing’ teachers . I was there introducing myself, and do not recall what I was to do, but I do know computers somehow played a part in my role there.

This was not one of my best OBE’s, yet it started with such clarity of vision and thinking. I just don’t know what is going on with my OBEs in that I feel I am not having the great learning experiences I have had in the past.

This may in part be due to the high level of stress and time constraints that I feel I have in my personal and professional life right now. So, I guess, it just may be that I need to be a bit more patient in my endeavors and know that when the time is right, my learning experiences will return in full bloom. Patience is a virtue, but it IS a difficult one for me!

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