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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Commentary for # 76 Intense Experience

I'd like to share some insight I have received from others who have traveled this path. My thanks goes to Dallyup52 for his view of the 'powerful experience' I had:

"This melding is way more important and meaningful to me than any physical sexual experience has been in this reality. The merging for me gets me back, at times, to the soul state and I never want to leave that state. The place of the soul is what many refer to as cosmic consciousness or nirvana. I miss this experience terribly when I am not in it. Some people seem to assist the process in obtaining this state of being."

With regard to the loss of memories and recall I have, Dallyup52 shares these thoughts:

"There are many times that I have gone so far out that the memory is in my experience but I can not bring it over into words. I know that it is there but has not migrated over to the place that my brain can word it. That's okay with me ... used to bother me.

Then there are the places that I go that I watch the memory split into pieces and rearrange themselves into a jumble as I slowly come back to this reality. Try putting those into words. Just isn't going to happen. The energies in those places are just not arranged like they are here.

Then there are the experiences of places that are like a million words of thought and I just don't have the time or energy to sort it all out yet I do have it inside of my experience. It isn't lost.

Then there are the times that I am me but I don't have this memory set. I am a different person (so to speak).....These memories are difficult to assimilate into one's brains with this present memory set. I have tried before to see what it was like and it is very confusing, to say the least .....I now do it with much filtering. And it is harder to remember.... like reading a book where all the names are Indian (unfamiliar stuff) and I can't keep track of the characters because their names don't stick....."

I totally agree with his additional comment: "This stuff is just so much fun as well as being meaningful."

Annsie also offered me some additional information that I felt important to share in regards to this experience:

"There is another state of total blissful feeling and utmost harmony that we can experience when we get OOB, without the need of being with your other "soul mates" . Thats when you go really deep into yourself, yet at the same time travel back "home" where the rest of your own soul is residing, merge with this most inner part of yourself can also give you complete bliss and harmony."

This statement rings so true, as it is quite likely the blissful re-union of those portions of our 'selves' that remain behind on the spiritual planes when we incarnate here.

Many thanks to Baphomet as well for his insight into the male/female relationship that I experienced:

"We all contain male and female energies and balancing the two is essential to being whole, IMO. Maybe you have suppressed your male qualities to the point where your subconscious mind felt you needed to experience them? It really has nothing to do with sexual orientation or anything like that.

For me, as a male, it’s been my task to develop my nurturing side, my sense of compassion, my intuition, and all those other ‘female’ qualities that the ‘average male’ lacks. I see your dream as a very positive experience. The opposites uniting into bliss – that’s the soul’s destiny, and it is something that the best sexual union on earth is only a pale imitation of."

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