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Sunday, October 26, 2008

79) Spontaneous OBE; Impulsiveness Learning

10.25-26.08 Awakened 12:30a

I was once again surprised to discover I was able to spontaneously enter into an OBE state from the dream state without having to do a lot of preparation prior to sleep. I remember falling to sleep thinking about a recent statement I read that told me it’s a given fact (Universal Law) that anytime you go deeply within and ask for help, it MUST be given.

Despite knowing this previously, somehow this statement resonated even more deeply this time and I felt very comforted to know that help is never far away. I mentally requested this help, to let me understand better what I am to learn and to give me guidance and direction.

I also was thinking upon falling asleep about a recent email I had with another individual who is learning OBE about the use of a falling visualization to induce. Both of these ‘thought patterns’ I feel played a role in my being able to awaken within this dream to get OOB even though I had not ‘set intention’ of traveling that night.

I remember I was dreaming of skydiving and generating that falling sensation and how it must feel to freefall. (I have never skydived in real life, however, I was just asked recently by my daughter if I’d consider it sometime with her, and after only a short pause, said, Yes! :) – the date is still to be determined)

My first recollection was of lying in bed, but different than the one I was in. However, I was aware of movement sensations within my body, and having learned you never just dismiss any chance to get OOB, I decided I’d just roll out and see what happens!

I found myself OOB, standing next to the bed, and having the strongest pulling sensation ever tugging at me to get back in body! I was adamant that I was not going back yet, and remember pulling and pulling without a lot of success. I remembered, ‘to the door!’ which didn’t work (maybe because I did not see a door!) and nearly fell back into body. I looked back to the bed, saw the vague outline of me sleeping and then paused a moment to try to think of what to do next.

I then tried, ‘to the outside!’ and amazingly I was immediately transported to another location. This OBE start up was different in that I was not in my usual ‘real life’ room, yet still knew I was out and able to go places just by affirming my intent.

I found myself in a small house-like building with many rooms, with at least two other male individuals. Again, many memories are lost with the transition back to waking consciousness, however, I was able to request help in retaining some information and this is what I was able to record.

I was enjoying myself in this house, going from room to room, doing something that was helping me to learn to move about in this realm. I remember seeing walls and doors, and enjoying the fact that I could just move through them without a concern. What exactly I was doing in each room, however, is lost to recall.

I knew there was a younger male in the house with me, who may have been the one who brought me here, but there was no interaction with him. I was more interested in the ‘older’ male, who gave the feeling of being ‘in charge’. He was busy working within each room as well, yet I was doggedly following after him, asking question after question in order to better understand whatever I was learning. I was not bothered at all that he would continue to work as we talked, as that is exactly how I do things…multi-tasking!

As we entered one room, I looked outside the window and saw a beautiful pure white crystalline ‘ocean’ of some kind, one that had small scale-like pure white crystals moving gently and regularly (like an ocean surf would) next to the house.

I immediately wanted to go out to see this firsthand, and without thinking twice, popped through the side of the house nearest that window and going out. I was surprised to find it was so cold! I remember standing there with my ‘feet’ in the crystals feeling the cold, watching the waves of crystal surround me. I walked a short distance in the white crystals, to the other end of the house, and knew to just ‘pop’ back inside the house through another wall.

I found myself in another room, one with an older ‘storage’ type feeling, and thought, ‘yup, this is the right room for this end of the house’ so I knew I was where I was back where I was supposed to be.

It was after that crystal ocean experience that I remember walking up to the older male and specifically asking, “I know I have learned you can travel anywhere just by thought, but why can’t I go visit my mother?” The question in general felt it had more to do with visiting any other people who are still in physical while I was OOB.

His response was felt more than heard, so this is the idea of our discussion. He said that I had not learned the ‘control’ that is necessary yet, as I was still a bit headstrong in my actions while OOB. I did not take the time to see the ‘connections’ that are being given to me, yet I remember saying (in my defense) that at least I DID make the ‘connection’ even though it wasn’t the way he was trying to get me to do it. I knew I was smiling as I know I DO do that!

He gave two examples of ‘connections/associations’ he had been trying to send me, and this is difficult to write as it really doesn’t make sense once awake (but it made perfect sense at that time!) He showed me the ‘lead crystals beads’ hanging on a lamp, and then the same ‘lead crystals’ in another part of the room. I was supposed to make the connection between these two to learn something; however, I did it my own way and made the ‘connection/association’ via a different means. I have absolutely no recall as to what the other example was, but it made perfect sense at that time.

I believe he was trying to point out that I do not take the time that is necessary to learn the small steps, always wanting to go explore and take off on my own. (Yes, I am guilty of this, I know! – see my first OOB in my blog (#1) when I just took off without waiting for my helpers! In hindsight, I also believe the exit through the house to the crystal ocean was another example of my impatience and curiosity!)

I followed him into another room as he worked and this room felt more like his ‘private’ room. I recall thinking maybe I shouldn’t be here, as I noticed another female standing by the door with a Bluetooth type headset on her ear, talking. There was no interaction with her, but I thought I might be intruding on some privacy issue.

However, I immediately ‘knew’ that there is no privacy in this realm and that all thoughts and actions are capable of being seen by all others – (this may have been a new learning for me) – so I was no longer concerned about being there. Similarly, I realize the presence of ‘walls and doors’ in the astral are there but are not used for the same ‘privacy’ and blocking, as anyone can just go through them with ease.

Nothing in our discussion was felt to be neither critical nor blameworthy. It was felt to be a learning process and I understood and accepted all that I was being told without a concern. He began speaking again showing me more information when I felt that sharp transition to waking consciousness.

I know once I feel that transition I will be awake, so I always try to remain within that altered consciousness as long as I can to tag my experiences with single words for recall upon waking. I remember frantically realizing I had NO words to tag with, and mentally requested help to please let me remember something! Words then came to me and I was able to remember this much for recording, however, there was SO much more that was lost!

Generally speaking though, this experience has shown me that perhaps I need to take more time to slowly learn the proper processes before trying to go do things on my own in the astral. I am not sure exactly how this relates to my physical life, except perhaps to tell me that I need to slow down and take more time to focus on my own needs so that I may be more aware of the connections and associations being presented to me.

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