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Sunday, August 10, 2008

68) Multiple Exits - W.;Near Physical; Familiar Faces

8/10/08 4 – 6am

I had some very interesting travels last night, yet have very limited recall for a lot of it probably due to the ‘higher level’ of interaction that occurred with the people I met. I have found that when experiences are felt and observed on a higher realm that there is little association your physical mind can relate to and therefore once the transition is made back to full awareness, you lose much information.

I know this is what happened last night, as I can recall that ‘deep’ changeover as I transitioned and the loss of info that came almost instantaneously due to my limited physical mind abilities. However, I will record here what I do remember, although it just feels as though these ‘mere’ words cannot do justice to what I felt and observed.

Initially, I set an intention to see what would happen if I chose a name of someone I had just talked to online and knew nothing about. Over the course of a few hours I remember getting OOB a few times, and each time was different. I will try to make some timeline of what I remember with each OOB, however, this may not have happened in this sequence.

Initially, I remember ‘dreaming’ of being with a little boy who was playing with these red blocks. My sister and daughter were there and were planning on going shopping for party supplies and I talked them into taking this little boy with them so I could ‘travel’. As soon as they left, I said, ‘good, now I can go traveling’ and headed for the couch.

The first few times OOB I felt very heavy, and very close to physical, as I was fully aware I was standing in my living room as it is. Each time I remember feeling the strong ‘tugging’ back to my body and had to firmly intend ‘to the door!’ to move away.

One of the first times OOB, I moved quickly ‘to the door’ and outside. Here I remembered that I wanted to see W. Not really sure how to go about it, I just left it to the Universe to show me what to do.

I remember moving silently and through darkness, without any vision at all. Then I could clearly hear music, and it was music that was contemporary in that it was a ‘hip-hop’ or ‘blues’ type music with a male voice doing the vocals. It wasn’t much ‘singing’ as it was ‘talking’ words to the music and for some reason, I felt it had to be associated with W., as it was not ‘my’ preferred type of music. (I wish I was more familiar with the current singers and groups so I would know who this was, but I just don’t watch TV or listen to the radio at all.)

I faded back to awareness on the couch without any further insight, listening to the waterfall in my fishpond outside the window. (This waterfall sound always gave me the signal I was ‘back in real life’ for these various excursions.).

A short while later, I became aware of being on the couch and heard my dog and daughter (who is not at home!) come into the room. My dog walked over to the couch, gave me a big wet kiss, and put his head on my chest. My daughter walked to the bottom of the couch, sat down, and said ‘my throat hurts and I’m tired’. I know I had a conversation with her but cannot recall anything further. I faded back to full awareness again hearing my waterfall.

Another time I was aware I was hearing the TV playing, a signal I have used many times in the past to tell me I am ready to get out. (TV is never left on as I so rarely watch it). This time, however, a little girl was with me by the couch, one who spoke with such a soft soothing voice that I remember having to ask her a few times to repeat her words. What little I remember is that she said her name was Jilliard or Jill (?) and she sat quietly on the back of the couch near my feet, saying, “so this is your traveling couch? always stay down at that end and never lie on this end because there is so much ‘foam (?)’…” (it is not a foam couch).

One more time, I became aware of being able to ‘roll out’ and did so, again with heaviness and difficulty. However, this time, I was able to stand closer to the couch and look back. I have never been able to ‘see’ my sleeping body on the couch and this time was no different. However, I did see the blankets, mounded up as if a body was under it, with little blanket movements where my hand and foot would be to show me that I WAS there! It was unusual in that my body itself was ‘invisible’, and I feel this again is due to my own ‘belief’ that if I did ever see myself, it would cause havoc in assimilating that information. I didn’t dwell on the fact that I couldn’t see myself, and was just accepting of the fact that I was definitely there on the couch.

At this time, I believe I moved around the living room to ‘play’ in this environment, and remember sticking my head through the side wall of the house and feeling the cool air outside and seeing the actual outdoors. Vision at this time was intermittent, as I could see, but occasionally my eyelids would feel so ‘heavy’ the vision would dim, and I would have to say ‘clarity now!’ to see again.

I remember lying on the floor, pulling myself away from my body, feeling that heavy, heavy feeling of being so close to physical. At that time, I remembered to say ‘vibrations now’ in hopes that it would ‘lighten’ my feelings, and it did! I floated up easily, and then tried to sink down through the floor to the basement.

However, I could ‘physically feel’ the floor as I landed, and said, ‘no, I’m still too heavy’ and repeated ‘vibrations now!’ which allowed me to sink down right through the floor. Feeling confident that I was capable of controlling my movements now, I headed for the front door. I saw my fireplace where it usually is, however, it was much bigger and more exquisite with a glowing, beautiful fire. I remember thinking, ‘wow, its summer and shouldn’t be on’, but the warmth it gave was energizing so I didn’t think twice about it.

Again, I was heavy in the sense that I could ‘physically feel’ the furniture as I bumped into it, yet continued on. I do remember trying to turn the one swivel chair to a different position thinking perhaps I could then see it in its new position once I completely wake up. (Amazing that I am able to know I am not ‘in body’ and will eventually fully awaken – at that time, moving the furniture to a new position I felt would be a validation that I could use to further confirm my OOB existence. It was not in the new position when I did awaken, though.)

My vision continued to fade in and out, and at the front door, it faded again. I had the ‘feeling’ someone was there and yelled out, ‘is someone there?’ I felt a warm friend touch on my forehead, at which time my vision cleared completely.

I saw a young male, curly black hair, working on the front door. He said ‘it’s just me’ and I remember asking him his name. I asked ‘who are you?’ and he said he was the “best friend of Maureen Hal?/Hol?” He was so friendly, and we had a long conversation, but all I can recall is his name that sounded Hispanic starting with “Neo….n (?) I asked him to repeat it a few times trying to ‘seal’ it in my memory, but it was so unusual that I could not associate it with anything. It was the events that would occur after meeting him that would become extremely difficult to recall and I no longer felt so heavy and ‘close to physical’.

Now I am outside of a beautiful ranch style house with black trim, and feel it is MY house, but as I always wished it to be. On the ground is white snow (?) and I am with these two other men carrying on a wonderful conversation. I remember asking, ‘is this snow?’ and their answer was ‘it is whatever you want it to be’ and I said, ‘ok, it’s snow’ and gathered some up and felt it tingling on my face as it came down. ( I love to do that in real life anyway! lol)

A table was set up as if some sort of occasion and a woman came out of the house to talk with us. I still recall her appearance, it was so warm and receptive, but again I have no recall as to what we talked about. At that time, however, it was so easy to remember.

I still recall the transition back to full awareness and that feeling of ‘panic’ as I knew I was going to lose much information. It was such a deep transition (tough to explain) that I tried desperately to associate anything I could to remember, but to no avail. At one point, I remember picking up my recorder, finding I had TWO in my hand, placing one in each hand. The left hand recorder had no on/off switch, so I changed to the other, and that one had a non-working on/off switch. (Later when I fully awakened, I had NOTHING in my hands)

Prior to fully awakening, though, I could hear things clearly – one was a song with a title I recognized and knew at that time it’s meaning to me (lost now), and another time was random voices talking that become agitated, and knew I could help by sending ‘white light and love’ to them. Everything faded until the very end I remember seeing my mother (who is still alive) at my side asking me if I had my bathing suit with the cup and pad (?) I said, yes, I have it, and she said ‘good, then make sure you wear it’…..she was happy that I remembered to bring it!

I became fully awake and recorded as much as I could recall – and yet still, felt incomplete in the sense that I will never be able to fully write and explain all that experienced to the breadth and depth that I felt. I know these were people I met that I have known before and they were all very happy to see me and be with me.

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