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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

67) Meeting Children in Astral

I was again on my ‘traveling’ couch attempting to get OOB with the desire to ‘meet someone’ when I became aware of being awake, yet still ‘resting’ on the couch. I distinctly heard someone coming down the stairs by me and knew from past experiences that I should remain quiet and unmoving to see what would happen in case this was another false awakening.

(I have learned that when you THINK you are awake and just lying there, and then hear or feel something different happening , you do NOT wake yourself up immediately. Remain quietly aware of what’s happening and just go with it – if it’s real life, you’ll know soon enough – but most times, it’s a false awakening for me)

The footsteps coming down the stairs were quick and ‘young’ sounding, and my feelings registered this as a young person (I think rationally it could possibly be my 18 year old daughter who is the youngest one around).

The young female (as it turns out) comes directly to me on the couch and I don’t move a muscle knowing I have to be patient to see what will happen. She bends at the waist and lays her head on my chest, and I realize she is much smaller than my daughter would be (maybe age 10-12?)

I feel only loving thoughts coming from her as we speak and felt her ‘hug’ me with her head on my chest. We are discussing something about a ‘game for ages 11-12’ (?). I was having difficulty understanding every word but the words were soothing, gentle and comforting, both hers and mine. I remember telling her something like “well, go ahead and we will figure out how to make it work”.

There was a dramatic change in this experience at this point when I next became aware of someone (a young person again) jumping up down the back of couch!! I felt it was another child, but cannot be certain if it was the same one or another. The jumping continued up and down, up and down and was getting to be rather annoying.

I remember saying ‘Stop Now!’ very firmly and rather loudly (at least I thought so) but the jumping continued. I repeated “STOP NOW!” even more firmly and the ‘person’ sat down on back of couch just above me, now blowing cold air on my face. I felt it was intentionally trying to annoy me, and I pushed against it with my ‘hands’ to make it stop. I remember I could actually ‘feel’ this energy presence in such a physical sense that I became just a little bit unnerved (twinge of fear) at the thought of what was happening.

(I do try to stay calm when faced with uncertain energy, however, for some reason, this one felt more irritating than usual and I feel I responded perhaps too ‘physical’ and emotionally than I should have.)

I said, “STOP NOW, it’s cold!” which made me think of being surrounded by warm white light. The energy faded with the white light and I woke up completely, not sure of what just happened.

In hindsight, I think maybe I didn’t handle it well by getting loud and physical, instead of talking and seeing what it was that she wanted. My instinct to stop the annoyance, after having such a wonderful interaction with the first child, maybe led me to a more ‘physical world’ emotional reaction, instead of staying with the calm, unemotional temperance that is required in the astral realm.

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