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Saturday, August 2, 2008

66) Unintended Unusual OOBE in Near Physical + commentary

This was an interesting experience in an unusual sense in that I had NO intention of traveling OOB yet due to the fact that I moved to my ‘traveling couch’ toward morning (just to get some peace and quiet from the dual snoring of my husband and dog! lol ), I found myself ‘in the mode’ for getting out!

It was about 5am when I went downstairs to the couch, and after falling asleep, became aware that I was feeling those ‘movement’ sensations within my body and hand circles on my palms.

I felt a finger tickling the inside of my right ear, and first impression was it had to be my husband, however, enough consciousness was there to know it couldn’t be him! I believe the fact that I felt that ‘tangible’ sensation brought me to enough awareness to know I could now control this awareness for an exit. (It may have been help from my guides or whomever!) With these signals, I intentionally drifted back until I felt floating-type sensations, with my legs extended into the air! This is always my best signal that I’m ready to ‘roll out’, which I did!

However, in hindsight, I am amazed at where I rolled out! Despite being on the couch, I found myself standing at the side of my bed upstairs, with no obvious concern for this change in location. There was more of a ‘dream-like’ quality to this exit, and I’m not sure I can explain the difference; however, once I was out, I knew it was within my actual bedroom.

I could see fairly well, and exited through the sliding porch doors to the outdoors easily. I could see the cars in the driveway and my yard clearly, and found myself quickly shooting up high without consciously desiring it. Realizing I was ‘getting away’ from a good ‘near-physical’ encounter, I said to myself, “no! stay down low!” and floated gently back down to the driveway.

I remember telling myself as I moved that ‘this is actual physical objects’ I am seeing, and tried to take note of my surroundings. As I passed by a small cemetery that is nearby, I remember saying, ‘ok, right, that’s the wrought iron fence, that’s the right hill,’ and for some reason had a difficult time turning my head to the left to see down the road. Everything had an amber type glow about it, something I have never seen before.

At the end of the road, I felt satisfied that this was indeed ‘real’ life and that now I could go way up high to see what happens next. I move upwards , but found everything fading to black the higher I went.

I became aware again of being in bed (not really!) and just rolled out again easily. I moved out the door, and remember climbing up on the porch railing in order to ‘dive’ over the side of the upstairs porch. I had no fear jumping off the balcony, as I knew I was out, however, you can see that there is an ingrained conscious belief that follows us even in OOB. Why would I have needed to climb up and over the railing to dive off? (This all of course was reflected upon in hindsight, at the time, I didn’t think twice about it!)

This time, as soon as I jumped, I found myself outside a building, one that was familiar as it felt to be a previous home of sorts. There was some recall about looking inside the building and seeing a TV with some historical movie playing over and over, and I felt as though I had left the house with the TV on.

I’m on a long, long wooden porch of some kind, jumping up and down, and get the impression that it’s a stage of some kind. I remember meeting two individuals that gave me the impression of actors on this stage, but I don’t recall anything further about them.

I moved inside the building and felt as though I had become part of a movie, and somehow it felt as though it was one I had been in before! There were these two gangster type men who pulled up in a car in front of me as I’m looking through a doorway.

They are talking about wanting to have this closet that is next to me made into a doorway of some kind. I could see the doorway was there on my side already, and as I opened the door, I saw a deceased male inside, knowing that he was the one who had designed this closet and the gangsters had made certain that no one else would know how he did it.

They now see me and are coming toward me in the doorway. Oddly, one of them is in a wheelchair (!) but the OOB/LD ends there without further interaction as I become fully aware of being back on the couch. The familiarity of having been in that ‘movie’ before was very strong, yet I don’t recall it consciously.

So, there you have my OOB experience that I did not INTEND to have, yet does occur spontaneously at times. I was quite unusual in that I feel my consciousness did not recall that I was on the couch, so it put me back upstairs next to the bed when I exited. Also, there was the oxymoron of sorts in that I had no difficulty walking through the door to get outside and had no fear of diving off, yet I had to climb up and over the railing to do so!

As always, I am interested in anyone’s opinion or questions regarding this experience.


I received some good insight regarding this experience and thought I'd share. I always try to write my experiences in a way that describes BOTH what I am doing and seeing, but also what I am 'feeling' as this will make it more personal and hopefully more helpful in my learning.

As your thoughts and feelings are the prevalent form of communication while OOB, it makes sense that you are to rely MORE upon what you feel about a situation you encounter than what you are actually seeing/doing.

I will tell you what I feel this could mean, but I could be way off mark. Since I felt this all was a repeat of a past experience, perhaps I need to take note as it may be something important I need to learn. This previous home could have been an allusion to a previous life, or past experience (historical movie was playing within the home). The stage is perhaps the fact I am being 'watched' and the actors I met were those who are 'acting' with me in this life stage.

The part where I was at a previous home (of sorts) was real in the sense that as I experienced all that I encountered, I had little doubt or questioning to myself as to what I was going to do. Somehow everything felt so familiar, and I had this innate drive to continue going in the direction I was going.

This is really tough to explain, but I have learned that you can't always stop and question everything that goes on because then your conscious mind will try to get involved and tell you that 'this can't be' or 'that isn't possible' when you KNOW that everything IS possible in this realm. You have to just 'go with the flow' and interact with whatever comes up so the process will continue. Too much conscious 'mind chatter' and questioning will stop the experience quickly.

It was 'real' enough for me to know that I was OOB, and it took enough mental effort just to try to make conscious note of what I was doing and seeing so that I could bring the information back once I woke.

In looking up dream symbolism, I see that "To dream that you come in contact with the mafia, indicates that you are experiencing some inner conflict and turmoil." ( Or even "To dream that you are a member of a mafia, suggests that you are allowing others to manipulate you" - both of these are issues I am currently dealing with, so in a sense, this fits.

I realize the doorway to 'what they want' (closet) is on MY side, and I can open it therefore perhaps I am starting to take control of this situation. I'm not sure why I have to have a dead guy inside this closet, though, but perhaps this is some sort of symbolic ending for someone who has helped(?) me create this 'doorway'/opening.

With permission from 'analyst', I'd like to add his insight: i was amazed at some of the details, and feel their meaning is only something you may be able to hint at over the course of the next few weeks or months. to me, it sounds like an experience where your subconscious is telling you who you are, or how you currently react to situations in your life which may or may not be under your control. a closet is a notorious doorway into the mystery of the subconscious (i feel).... the dead male being the designer is paramount to this part of the dream, but only you can unlock what this may mean. part of me thinks this is something you are hiding from yourself.... and it is a sense of significance for me in that it is the writer being written, or the character being writer. it is the self-similarity of the universe on multiple scales. i like it.....

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