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Friday, February 1, 2008

New Energy Perceptions Started

Lately my personal life has been so busy that I have found myself overly tired and overly stressed for a good part of the week. With this extreme tiredness, I also have had new sensations happening with my perception of energy movement.

Whether the extreme fatigue has caused me to lower my 'defenses' or I just get more 'sensitive' to this, I am not sure. But it takes very little now to feel that slight 'out-of-sync' sensation and energy movement when I close my eyes and relax just a little.

Actually, in seeing how things are changing a bit OOB, I believe this all fits - my ability to perceive energy differences has improved to the point where I am able to tell where my 'conscious' state is. This allows me a greater ease in transitioning to the other energy body when I so desire.

Perhaps I needed to have this very stressful week in order to 'awaken' my senses!

These experiences are happening much more frequently lately and yet Iam not really trying! This is a very, very busy time for me IP, andnow it seems a busy time OOB as well!

Balancing these two 'lives' is quite a challenge - yet I feel one is just as important as the other! It helps though, just to share these experiences and see what others may think of what's happening. It's exciting, but it's also very challenging to keep up with!! lol

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