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Monday, February 18, 2008

46) Another Attempt to Connect

2/17/08 am

This was a relatively short experience and one that didn't 'feel' as profound as my previous, but I'm still sharing it as it was 'new' in a few respects.

Again, I had decided I'd like to try to 'connect' with my friend in the astral and so had that intention upon sleep.

The night started with a false awakening, thinking I had awakened in bed with the TV playing (which is very unusual for me- so I should have realized it was a false awakening at that point, but I didn't) and thought I heard my husband come home from a late dinner appointment. Waking shortly thereafter, I realized neither event had really occurred.

When I awoke later, at 3:33 to be exact, I went to the couch where I usually do my traveling, so as not to be disturbed by my husband who had come home in the meantime.

At this point I remember I had a series of rather unusual dreams, but they appeared to be 'work-related' so I didn't record them. (I really didn't want to get out of the 'feeling' I was in, so that was another major reason I didn't - yes, I know....ALL experiences need to be recorded! I do try....)

But I do still recall one segment that was unusual, and I didn't record. It had to do with both my grandmother (who is alive and well at age 93!) and Samara, my new granddaughter. It seems I was taking care of both of them, and they were 'put to bed' in the same bed to sleep.

I then was going to 'travel' myself and remember thinking about how I used the visualization of a rocking hammock to initiate separation at one time. Using this visualization of a rocking 'red' hammock, I actually go to the point where I knew my astral legs were out and I was buzzing. BUT, at the point of my anticipated separation, there was such a strong feeling that Samara was in danger! (This was almost like an OBE within a dream - different yet familiar feelings)

I very reluctantly, but decidedly, stopped the separation process to go check on her in the bed. Thankfully, I did, because with the lack of room in the bed (due to her great great grandmother's position) she was in danger of falling off the edge of the bed!

I remember at that point my grandmother woke up, and got up to help me find something I had dropped at the end of the bed while getting Samara, and I was suprised to see how agile she was.

My grandmother told me about a 'dream' she had that she was able to 'talk' with someone she longed to see again (I can't remember who it was), so I told her that it WAS possible to do this, and that she should go back and try to reconnnect with this person.

So, anyway, the next recall was that I again was getting the buzzing and separation sensations but this time being aware I was on the couch. (This time it was 'for real' in the sense it was not within a dream sequence as previous)

I remember just sitting up and climbing out, but over the back of the couch instead of standing along side as I usually do.

Because I climbed over the back, I felt disoriented and 'blind' as usual, but knew enough I had to move away. So I said 'to the outdoors!' (again unusual, as I almost always say 'to the door!') and found myself moving quickly to my front yard.

I recall as I passed through the front door, there seemed to be 'chime' or musical note I heard - again unusual.

Now I'm standing in the front yard, and still having difficulty 'seeing'. I am still a bit disoriented for some reason, and feeling like I'm in a hurry or have to do things very fast.

I can't recall what to say to 'see' better, but I know I want to go somewhere. So, in my hurry, I decided not to wait until my vision clears (it's improved but still not very clear) and take off. (Never have I had this 'hurry-hurry' feeling before!)

At this time, I remember that I really wanted to "find (friend)" and repeated this over and over as I gave a small jump. Just as I started to move up and backwards (as usual), I heard my brother's voice call out. It struck me that maybe I should go investigate what he is calling about, but my desire to "find (friend)" overrode any further thought of it.

So, I'm traveling up and backward into darkness, yet still 'seeing' forward as my house (which wasn't exactly my house in appearance) and trees are fading in front of me.

I hear one word, whispered to me, as I was moving backward - 'Come!' - and I do not know who said this!

The trees were in silhouette against a red-orange sunset as I moved backward and that was the last I recall seeing as I became fully awake on the couch.

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