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Friday, February 1, 2008

44) Pulling Pieces Together OOBE

2/01/08 6:30am

I went OOB again this morning after awakening, just for a short travel, but again it was with a new transition to it. I really think now, that all the 'pieces' are coming together - the 'false awakenings', the out-of-sync feelings, the repeated questioning of 'is it real' or is it IP? - the knowing of what it 'feels' like (I guess my energy perceptions...)

Driving home from graduate school last night, late and it's dark and a good 30 minute ride - I had the time to think, and made the observation that 'gee, this could easily be a prelude to OOB' - BUT - it is such a different 'feel' to my questioning that I had NO concern at all that it was IP. (Don't worry, I'm not becoming confused as to what 'state of consciousness' I'm in!)

I just used it as an example to compare to my OOB 'questioning' of reality - which made a lightbulb go on in my head. There IS a difference in 'feeling' to tell when you are IP or OOB - and the mere fact that you actually take a second to stop and 'question reality' will tell me that I AM ready to go out. (Is this making sense??)

By having all those false awakenings and real IP scenes in the prelude to OOBs actually helped me make this perception of consciousness easier now.

So, this morning I became aware I was doing something at my Mom's house outside, playing games with children and a ball - and ran to go get it when it went into the neighbors yard. At the point I was crossing the stone wall (that is there IP), I stopped for a second and wondered, "am I really here or not?" which immediately made me remember that anytime I'm questioning reality like that, to just try to 'take off' because I am usually OOB.

(I also figured if I wasn't I'd just jump and fall down - not too bad a price to pay for the chance to OOB!)

So I jumped, and took off! Such flying freedom again, I just wish you could be there too! I actually played around with the ball and as it came down, tried to catch it with my feet, upside down! lol

The next I remember I'm carrying this young girl - I related it to my daughter at age 3-4, yet it didn't look like her - so I'm actually thinking this may have been me (!) - is that possible? I'm showing her how to fly and how much fun it is - I even 'flipped' her over to show the freedom but she got scared so I stopped and apologized for the scare.

We went into a house with many room, but I can only recall the last room, an old attic type room with lots of 'fixtures' and 'stuff'. We were outside the door, peering in, and I'm telling her it's the 'astral room' with all stuff you use when you go to the astral.

We never went inside and the experience faded shortly thereafter - but one other thing I remember was that my 'talk' with the young girl was nonverbal (of course), yet was in an 'adult' language, not in a normal language you would use for a 3-4 year old.

COMMENTARY: Again with this experience, the transition was the new development for me. Becoming more sensitive to what I am feeling is my key to further travels.

As always, you wonder why you have such experiences as 'false awakenings' and confusing with perception while OOB, but in the end, you find the Universe has an orderly plan to put it all together for a very good reason! I am excited to know that I am progressing as planned, and am looking forward to even more wonderful experiences!

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