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Monday, September 24, 2007

20) William Buhlman Workshop + addendum

To all my new friends and co-participants in the William Buhlman Workshop held 9/21-23, 2007 in Poland Springs, Maine –

Welcome to my blog!

Thank you all for being a part of a most informative and exciting weekend and for sharing all of your experiences.

I wish you all the very best in life, with much love and happiness - and want to remind you all that INTENT is everything - you CAN do it and you WILL!

Please keep me informed of your successes, sharing the learning process is so important; I know you CAN DO IT!

All my best to you all, and HAPPY TRAVELS!,

Addendum: 10/9/2007

I thought I'd edit this post to include a description of the workshop and all it included for those who may get a chance to hear William Buhlman speak. This was such a phenomenal weekend for me, sharing thoughts and experiences with those of a similar mind. It was worth it just for that!

It was a very special time, spending the weekend away from home to go bask in the 'energy' created by being with those who share the same thoughts and desires. William Buhlman was a fantastic speaker, one who spoke easily and intelligently, in a very down-to-earth manner. (no pun intended! lol)

Day One started Friday evening, where we went through some introductory lecture and guided imagery sessions. The meditative sessions are all designed to show different techniques of going OBE and to expand our awareness of other dimensions by using the mind to create our experiences, and not rely on physical senses.

William Buhlman gave some background in beliefs and blockages, and how they interrelate with our progress in learning to go out of body. He described affirmations and intentions and how they can be used. We were shown a basic progressive relaxation technique to start , and then later we experienced his 'target' method meditation in which he guided us through a room in our house to pick out five objects to 'sense' fully in our minds.

We were then given 'homework' to do that night, to practice using this technique. (See my next post #21 for the result of my homework!! lol)

Day Two we covered more techniques, as well as lectures on various OBE adventures and issues that were a concern for the participants. We started with a 'hot air balloon' visualization, where we had to 'let go' of the heavy ballast weights that were weighing us down. These weights symbolized our 'beliefs' that no longer served us and needed to be released.

We did a 'stretching' technique where we visualized our etheric body extending more and more above and below ourselves.

In another imagery attunement, we sat 'eye to eye' with a partner for a few minutes and shared any feelings and/or images that occurred. (That one was interesting...first time ever I actually 'saw' my partner change into something else..but that's another story!)

We then were taken on a past life regression and shared our different experiences. In the evening, we held a fire ceremony outside that he learned in Peru which enabled us to 'release' more blockages and 'manifest' our deepest desires.

Afterward, we went through another meditation where we became a great bird, flying and enjoying our new found freedom high in the mountains.

Day Three started with more lectures, including the similarity between UFO abductions and OBEs. We learned about working with the higher self and opening the chakras.

Two final techniques we did included the creation of an energy body, where we visualized the formation of a second energy body above us and tranferred our consciousness into it. Lastly, he taught us his 'rope' technique to pull yourself out of body, as explained in his book.

These were three of the best days I have spent, just learning and absorbing the great energy there and making new friends. Mr. Buhlman is such a good speaker, you can't help but be captivated! He will get you motivated to do more than you ever thought you could! Anyone who gets a chance to go hear him speak should definitely go.

Hmmm, this sounds like an paid advertisement, but its not....I did enjoy this workshop that much!! lol

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