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Monday, September 24, 2007

22) Control Issues in Direct OBE

5:50am September 24, 2007

Woke around 4am and couldn’t sleep, so I went to couch to where it was quieter. I did affirmations and visualizations for a short time and must have fallen asleep.

Without a lot of recall as to exactly how, I remember finding myself standing next to the couch and knowing I had to move away from my body to think clearer. I said “to the door!” and surprisingly, felt I was being pulled in a totally opposite direction than I thought the door was! (Now I realize my orientation was off due to the 360 degree view you get OOB!)

I was being pulled backward through blackness, no longer feeling in control of the experience. The next I knew I was with young man (longer sandy blond hair, Nordic-looking, smiling) and riding in something that had these small windows you could see out of.

He was someone new to me, and again, just off to my left. I asked for his name and just like the other times when I am with someone, he responds but I don’t understand at first. I ask again (as I have this terrible need to know names!) and he says, with a smile, “Tangible” (but pronounced with a ‘tahn’ sound in the beginning).

(In reviewing my experience, I can see that this may have been just any ‘name’ to give me something ‘tangible’ to use so I’d stop asking him!)

Now I could see the outside of my house from up in the air, realizing I’m still moving backward away from this location. I couldn’t see very clearly yet I didn’t have the awareness or control to use “Clarity now!” that has always worked before. However, I was very much aware that I was out of body and moving very fast.

We stopped in a place I felt was a ‘station’ of sorts and now ‘Tangible’ is just relaxing while I get the chance to look around. There is another girl there, also relaxing, and I get the feeling she too is waiting for her ‘charge’ to look around, as she has a similar feeling as ‘Tangible’.

I stopped to talk with her and she asks me a question about her son/daughter(?) who had inward turned feet and if it was fixable. (I felt that my being a nurse she somehow thought I’d know – it’s interesting to note that the feeling I got from both the girl and ‘Tangible’ was not that of a highly advanced soul, but one that was ‘working’)

I told the girl that to fix the feet it was usually just a surgical correction, and with that she immediately looked up in a book the address/numbers (I remember 9-1-??zipcode?) of a doctor’s name (started with P..). She said “good, then I will send her there for a job and he’ll take care of it getting the feet corrected”.

At this time, another woman, (someone familiar to me but I still can’t recall who it was) came into the ‘station’ and was very worried and concerned, saying “you’ve got to come talk with me, and we can’t talk here” as she lead me out a side door.

Just as we were going out, she said to look first and see who’s in the sink(!?) As I look into another part of this building I can see my brother sitting in big kitchen sink area, thinking, “Oh now what’s he doing in the sink!” I can feel there was a lot of drama tied up around him and her, and that somehow they needed to have this drama in their lives. I felt as though they were trying to get me pulled into it with them.

At this point, I cannot recall what exactly happened, but I found myself coming back to the couch area, and I was aware enough to know I didn’t want to ‘go back’ yet. This was the first time ever I was able to keep from returning to my body, trying to keep the moving sensations going to stay out of body. I knew I was only a few inches above my body, and was concentrating on not returning.

At the same time, my son Stephen appeared (not in real ‘physical’ reality), walking into the living room (where I was) and he was saying, “wow, it’s really cold in here!” as he walked right past me to a chair that was next to the couch. I am still concentrating on staying out of body and not fully waking, so I just ignored him, despite the noise he made.

Finally I was able to roll out quickly from the couch area, almost landing on top of him where he sat! I am fully aware I am out of body, and again I just automatically took off to another area without conscious control again. (or at least to the best of my recall)

I moved into this room, a kitchen-like area, with a mother and 3 girls. The mother was short, stocky, and she had 3 daughters. One was about 18 months old in a high chair, the other two were about 5 and 9 years old.

The mother was showing me this beautiful toy baby carriage that she would love to have for her girls, but I felt she was not able to obtain it for some reason. (The carriage was right there, but it wasn’t hers?) She was saying, “oh, wouldn’t Margaret love to have this!” and as I’m listening to her, I know I’m supposed to remember the name Margaret to use and that I had to get them to go someplace, to leave this room.

I told the mother that I saw this same baby carriage in a local store for a very reasonable price, that that I’d go with her to pick one out. She was very hesitant and didn’t want to leave, not sure if she should go, so I added that it would be a great Christmas present for Margaret and that she should get a head start on her gifts now so it will be easier closer to the holidays.

The impression I got was she finally agreed and was going to go with me as the room faded and I found myself wide awake back on the couch.

Upon awakening, I do recall that there was a lot more activity that happened throughout this long experience, but it faded from my memory so quickly I could not remember it all.

I do know I was definitely out of body, but without a lot of control, just going along with whatever I was being shown. Again, this was an OBE not from a dream conversion as I usually have so it was interesting to see that I lost a lot of recall and did not have the control I usually do.

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