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Sunday, December 16, 2012

186) Abstract Forms; Deep Dive; Book Reader

For this experience, I was aware I driving my car but realized I was not sure of where I was going.  Lately, I have done many reality checks while driving (for real) to know that this time I was questioning my status while driving, which meant I was ready to get OOB! 

(I've had a difficult time lately getting my consciousness to move into the astral body as I would not pick up on many of my usual ‘signals to awareness’ and continue on in a dream state, so made a conscious effort to increase my reality checks to try to improve this.)

Taking advantage of this ‘questioning’, I let go of the wheel and moved sideways out of the car through the driver’s door.  I remember feeling that slight concern that MAYBE I’m not really OOB but knew I just had to be!  lol  

Once out of the car, I found myself floating gently above my physical body, so I could just roll off the bed and move on.  I rolled out, but landed heavily at the side of the bed on my hands and knees, feeling like such a novice with the ability to navigate OOB since it’d been so long since I've had the focus and intent to do so.
I moved quickly to my bedroom door, feeling the constant tug back to body, but then relieved as the tug dissipated while I moved down the stairs.  I’m affirming ‘Awareness now’ over and over, each time gaining more clarity. 

I was thrilled to be in my living room again relishing the OOB state and taking in all the minor changes in the appearance of the room.  There was a chandelier in place of the usual lights and various objects strewn about, but decided to check out a side door that isn’t actually there in ‘real’ life. 

At the door, I took the time to play with the ability to put my hands through it, pulling and pushing as if it was made of Jello and thinking that it was unusual that I could do this ‘squishing’ yet not be able to ‘see’ what lies on the other side of it once my hands were within in.

So I made a ‘porthole’ to climb through in the center of the door, wanting to explore what was on the other side.   I entered a tunnel-like entrance, and upon exit, saw many beautiful colors all around me! There was no ‘form’ to much of it, having an abstract type appearance and thinking it looked much like paintings by a famous artist (Salvatore Dali?).  I marveled at how beautiful it was, yet ‘knew’ what the objects were even if they had no ‘form’.

I moved on and started floating upward; now realizing I once again had the ability to fly fast and furious! I remember zooming down another street, only to remember that I had no need to be of any specific ‘form’ as I flew, and even remembered I didn't have to fly at all but just think of where I wanted to go and be there!

Unfortunately, because I had not made a specific intention of what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go once out of body, at that point I had no idea where to head for.  I remember thinking about some famous temple in China (?) to visit, but that thought was fleeting and so I continued to float higher and higher.

Looking down I could see the earth and its deep blue beauty, with the huge oceans covering much of it, and decided I’d just like to have some fun and do a DEEP headfirst dive directly into the ocean from this height!  I remember the joy of having such ability, and upon entering the water, feeling the tingling change in my surroundings.

It was at this point the scene transitioned to another area where there were a few people sitting around and chatting.  I felt this to be a sort of ‘beach party’ where a few women were talking to two men, trying to vie for their attention.  I didn't want any part of it, but was pleasantly surprised when one man came up to me and specifically pointed out one young girl as “the one who has the ‘(book)reader’(?)” that I needed.

I was taken aback and unsure of what this meant when I suddenly felt a start of a transition back to full awareness.  I disappointedly woke to full awareness, wishing I had remembered to try to prolong the experience with some affirmations or spinning that worked in the past. 

Regardless of the lack of specific intention for this OBE, I’m pleased to know that these experiences always do return, despite my lack of focus at times.  After having such a wonderful workshop with William Buhlman at The Monroe Institute (see previous post), I made the conscious intention to try to get back into learning more about myself with OOB travel.  William is right…practice, practice, practice…it always pays off!

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Treefrog said...

Amazing presence of mind and control with the side door and the diving.