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Sunday, August 26, 2012

182) Meeting Buhlman; Lucid Dream Conversion; Flying Underwater; Meeting Guide

It’s been such a busy few weeks for me with some exciting new experiences in the works that I’m hoping to share with everyone in another month or so.  But for now, I want to share the two last OBE’s that I felt had enough to write about and post here.

8/15/12    Meeting William Buhlman Again

My first recollection that I was becoming lucid and into my astral body was when I realized there was someone in the bed with me with their hand on my forehead.  Thinking this was a nice gesture, I was soon aghast to realize it was my former husband who then became a bit annoying and I had to work diligently to get him pushed out of my bed. 

Again I feel someone climb into the bed with me, this time it was my daughter (who is currently residing in my house once again as her husband is deployed for a few months) and she’s bring her cat to play with us, as well as a kitten from years ago who was enjoying  the playful fun we were having.

Realizing I had so many unusual people and animals in my bed, I became lucid enough to know I was able to get out of body.  Feeling the light tingling vibrations, I rolled out with some difficulty, to the side of the bed.  It was dark and I remember I had to affirm “Clarity now!” a few times before it all became clear.

Instead of my room, I realized I was in a big unfamiliar room, with a high open ceiling, and big windows with small square glass panes on the upper part of the walls.  The walls were blue-ish, or lighter color, with dark wood molding creating a contrasting design. 

I realized there was a man next to me, talking, and I clearly recall the voice as belonging to William Buhlman and his distinctive way of talking.   I could not see him clearly, but innately knew it was him.  He’s saying things like, “you’re going to love it here….there’s so much you can learn….it’s quite interesting…” and more, but I cannot recall what else was said. 

Entering into another room, he held the door open for me and we walked to a table where I felt was in a sort of dining room.  The table was attached to the wall, William sat to my left, and there were two women on my right.  I recall thinking how wonderful it was to be with him and these ladies, discussing all sorts of topics, but there is no recall what it was we talked about! 

I woke right after, and thought perhaps this could be a precognitive type experience due to my knowing that I’m going to be seeing William Buhlman at the Monroe Institute this November in Virginia.  It will be interesting to see if any of the rooms at the Institute look familiar to this one!

8/26/12  Lucid Dream Conversion; Flying Underwater; Meeting Guide

The first sensations I had was waking in full vibrations, something I’ve not had for a while.  I remembered immediately that Jaime from the AP group had just had the experience of vibrations and wanted to play with them as he did.  So I did, and willed them to become stronger, as I moved them up and down my body.  

Unfortunately, I woke shortly thereafter without exiting, but quickly fell back asleep.  The next experience started as a dream where I became lucid and took control, but not until after quite a few missed ‘signals’ that should have triggered my awareness!  

I knew I was scheduled to be hospitalized at a certain time, but upon my arrival at the hospital was dismayed to see that there were no preparations made for my scheduled arrival.  There was no room ready, and because I remembered my actual recent hospitalization (in real life), I didn’t want to be there again, so it made the experience feel much worse.

I wandered out into the hall, waiting for my room to be ready, and remember seeing a doctor I knew who waved hello.  I looked out a hallway window and was surprised to see other employees having to clear their cars from a significant amount of snow from a recent storm.

I didn’t think anything of it, despite it being summer in real life, and went to my room that was finally ready.  (There were SO many signals that I should have picked up on to be lucid!)   Again, in the room, I was dismayed to see a stretcher with a body on it, knowing I’ll have to share my room, but a bit taken aback when I saw that the face was covered!  Even with this obvious signal of ‘unreality’, I didn’t think twice about remarking how unprepared the staff was in my arrival that they had obviously forgotten to take this one to the morgue!!

I saw movement under the sheet and the woman woke to speak with me (still, I wasn’t surprised!) and it was only when she remarked about how it was a “shame you had to come into the hospital during a snowstorm with a two hour delay” that I started thinking, “hey wait…I can’t remember driving TO the hospital in that snow at all”!!  That simple realization then triggered my lucidity and I could remember I was actually at my son’s house visiting (which I was) and therefore dreaming!

Now I remembered Jaime again and how he always does his regular hand checks while out of body, so I took a good long look at my hands to validate my out of body status and was pleased to see how odd they looked.  Wispy and ethereal, I figured I’d try to pull my finger as another person had mentioned to see how it would stretch and was mildly shocked when the finger I pulled detached and flew off, landing across the room! I smiled, saying to myself, “well, I guess I won’t be doing that anymore!” and then took off flying through the walls to the outdoors.

Here’s where I lost some details, as I only remember how pleased I was to be out and doing whatever it was I was doing! The ending of the experience is what I remember the details from, as it was just as much fun as whatever I forgot.

I was flying over a boardwalk carnival area, near the ocean, and knew I wanted to find the booth where the psychics were.  (I guess I felt the need to consult them for something!)  Not know which way to go on the boardwalk, I flew up to two women who initially were reluctant to tell me where they were.  Eventually, I got them to at least show me which general direction the psychics were located, and they pointed to the right.  I thanked them and flew on.

As I followed the boardwalk, I saw a car pass by with three women in it, (one with light purple hair) and somehow knew this was the psychics I was looking for who were already leaving for the day.

Not giving up, I then decided I’d fly out over the beautiful ocean, and then took a sky high dive directly into the water!  As I felt the change in the texture entering the water, I had a very quick panic that I would have trouble breathing underwater, but then remembered that I was out of body, and it’d be easy to do!

Sure enough, I relaxed and enjoyed watching all the different fish and sea creatures that swam beneath the waves, eventually floating up to the surface for some ‘snorkeling’ type activity (I remember even kicking my feet as if really snorkeling.)

I wanted to fly again, yet was unsure how to get airborne.  With that thought, a large square piece of wood with steps appeared, floating within some thick seaweed.  This allowed me to climb up onto it and stand on the wooden box to once again soar to the sky!

As I’m doing my flips and circles (with pure joy of the freedom of flight), I remember rolling onto my back and looking up into the blue sky to see a large streak of some sort of unusual formation above me.  It appeared to be made of birds and other ‘organic matter’ in a beautiful pattern and I was in awe of its beauty.  Again this validated my out of body status, as I remarked, ‘wow, this is really cool!’  At the time, I knew what it was made up of, but once awake I had no word for it.

This last part of the experience was quite remarkable and left a deep impression on me, and I believe it’s why I didn’t remember the beginning of the experience well.  I’m now on the ground, looking up (almost as if in bed) and see a tall white haired man with a white beard approach.

I’m excited because I feel this is someone I’ve been waiting to meet!  He’s dressed all in white with a youthful athletic build.  He’s speaking with me about a lot of things, but the only remark I remember is that he was able to validate for me why the woman I had met previously disappeared so quickly when I spoke with her.  I felt I had scared her and I was still upset about it, but he told me she was someone important I needed to meet, yet her disappearance was not due to the fact she had become frightened of me.  (I’m thinking this was in relation to the meeting the ‘fairy people’, specifically the woman that I had met briefly in my last experience.)

The feeling I was left with (as the words just don’t fit) was that she (and he) was more upset about how poorly the Earth is being treated with the pollution and ecological changes it is undergoing.  He continued to talk to me and I strained to listen, but felt that strong tug back to full wakefulness without remembering much else he said.

I woke with a deep sense of ‘belonging’ and joy, and struggled hard to remember even these few details.  I so wanted to share what I learned, but somehow once awake, there is just no words that can accurately describe what you feel.  I do remember always, though, the deep sense of utter joy that fills me every time I get out flying, whether in the air or underwater!

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