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Sunday, August 5, 2012

181) Rough Exit; Fearful Voice; Buddy Visit; Fairies and Leprechauns

Although I have had a few experiences over the past few weeks which I have not written up, these last two were quite interesting so I thought I’d write them up to share and get some insights on.


This experience was unusual in that I felt it was a totally different exit than what I am used to.  Almost always, once I realize I’m ready to separate, I just roll off to my left off the bed and move on.  This time, once I was aware of being ready to separate, I felt heavy and unable to move. 

Determined to get out, I literally pushed myself up to a sitting position with my arms, concerned for a brief moment that I was actually physically doing this because it felt so ‘real’.  Once sitting, I had to tug and pull to extricate myself until I was standing at the bedside. 

Still feeling the tremendous pull back to body, I affirmed ‘to the door!’  to get away and blindly (as it was complete darkness) moved through the door, feeling the change in texture as my clue that I had exited the bedroom.

Flying down the stairs, I felt so free, assuming my now usual position of floating backwards on my back (looking to where I’ve been) as I watched the rotating circular pattern of lights that encompassed me in the blackness.   Knowing how much fun it was to fly, I did my usual flips and dips to just have fun.

Realizing I had had no plans as to where to go if out, I just called out into the blackness that surrounded me, “Is anyone there?”   (I don’t know why I did this instead of making a plan to go somewhere, possibly I had a feeling someone was with me.) 

From off to my left, I distinctly heard a female speak four words/syllables in a husky deep ‘ominous’ voice.  (I recorded what I thought she said in syllables, as this was either another language or not meant for me to understand.   They were  “Aah baa for reel” or something like that)

The problem was that this ‘disembodied voice’ gave me just a twinge of fear as it felt like a ‘not normal’ experience.  I began to fade back and as I was pulled back I saw a four poster bed situated in a corner of a room that was surrounded with lots of wall decorations.  I have no idea whose room this was or what it meant.


This last experience was remarkable in that it started with a bit of a surprise for me and ended with an even bigger surprise.  My first recollection was that I was lying my head against a male’s left chest and could feel his breath as it blew against my left ear.  It felt physically real, and I could even feel him breathe, and move his right arm to scratch his head.  

I could not see who this was, and with increasing awareness, realized this couldn’t possibly be a physical reality as I live alone and have no one else here with me.  I worried just a bit, wondering who this could possibly be!

I was quickly distracted by a pawing to my left and turned around quickly, happily realizing it was my former black lab companion (who passed a few years ago) Buddy!!!  I was overjoyed at his coming to see me again, and I could tell by his familiar bark and wag of the tail how excited he was seeing me!

I called him up to the bed, cuddled and played with him, so ecstatic that he was here again!  I KNEW I was now out of body (as he’s come to see before), and flew off the bed saying, ‘come on, let’s go!”

Now in full awareness, I knew I could go anywhere, and so I decided I’d go visit my friend NJ.  Affirming ‘To NJ!” I started to fly up and away, but now  I could hear Buddy whimper slightly, the same sound he’d make when he thought he was going to be left behind.  I called to him, “Well, come on, Buddy! You can come too!” and he come toward me with a running leap.

As Buddy leapt toward me, I could feel a slight vibrational change, and realized I was once again traveling backwards, on my back, into fading darkness.  As it became darker, I could sense a bit of fear creeping in, so I closed my eyes so I wouldn’t know when it became totally black and therefore more fearful (which could have ended the experience).

Once again, I enjoyed the leisurely drift backwards into the blackness, doing my flips and dips, and slowly became aware of countryside below me.  It was twilight, and looking down from on high, I could see the landscape below , including shadows cast from the plants and trees.

I noticed what looked like glittery ‘orbs’ coming all around me with an inquisitive feel to them.  They appeared to be like sparkling Christmas ornaments, with various designs and colors interwoven in them. 

My senses gave me the feeling these were ‘extraterrestrials’ (ETs) of some sort but I was not fearful of them.  I remarked how pretty they were and although I felt they were coming to investigate me, I wanted to investigate them!

As I looked at them, I now sensed people below, and turning around, saw a whole group of ‘tiny people’ quickly disperse and hide into the shadows as if they didn’t want me to see them.   I called out to them as I flew down, ‘Don’t hide! Come out and talk with me!’

Very intrigued, I tried to communicate with them, and now sensed these were small ‘fairy’ or ‘leprechaun’ type people.   They timidly moved toward me, and appeared so cute, child-like in appearance yet fully grown people.   They were SO curious as to who I was and as I talked with them, I felt they wanted to learn more about me, but I told them “no, I need to learn more about you!”

I have no recollection as to how this entire experience ended, but it was amazing while slowly waking to still be able to ‘see’ those orbs sparkling around me.  Somehow I just KNOW these were the ‘little people’ of the land that so many call ‘fairies’ and ‘leprechauns’.   I have always felt a kinship with fairies in some way but now I can tell you now, they DO exist!

ADDENDUM: I just wanted to share something I found very interesting when discussing this experience on another forum.  I had no idea that the ‘orbs’ I saw just prior to the ‘little people’ may have been in some way related!!   As noted: "When human beings capture orbs on film or when you are able to see them or sense them in your presence, what you are seeing or sensing could be one of hundreds of different kinds of beings.  It might be an angel, a fairy, a spirit animal, or countless other kind of being.  What or who it is depends on what your soul has called to interact with you at that time"  


Justin said...

Karen, I hope you don't mind my posting but I sort of had a similar OBE around 15 years ago involving the 'faery folk' where I floated out into my lounge room and heard lots of giggling, like from children or very small people, and then when I floated into the room I discovered a lot of tiny, utterly picture-perfect furniture pieces like tables, chairs etc. which I intuitively knew belonged to the 'little people' and I had just startled them so they ran away and hid. I could still sense them nearby somewhere, hiding from me.
Years later, I had a powerfully transformative experience which confirmed to me that they are totally real. I was busy cooking a meal one evening by myself, when I felt I was being watched. I went upstairs to go to my bedroom to collect something and was about to turn the light on to see into the bedroom when I came across something which shocked me to the core. Right inside my bedroom, standing there, was a little man, about 50cm tall, dressed in trousers etc like a true leprechaun or similar little person and he was shocked that I could see him, just as shocked as I was!
He then ran away into the ensuite attached to my room and I stood there frozen, my mind almost going crazy from what I'd just seen. They are REAL. :) It was no hallucination. I don't drink etc. What a blessing it was! Love your blog so much, thanks for sharing! I've got one too with my recorded experiences over the years. Hope I have something more to put in there some day soon. :) Take care.

Unknown said...

Thank you or this. I was trying to find other people who had encountered their deceased dogs while out of body, but you're the only one I found so far.
I'm not very good at going out of body, but 10 days ago lay down to relax, and found my arms and legs spontaneously rising up. I did "reality checks" to make sure I was indeed fully conscious. I could move my arms and legs but couldn't get fully out. I could hear and use my voice, but not see. Then I thought I would call my dog's name (she died 10 weeks previously) I called her, then there were some scuffling sounds in my room, then a thump on the side of my bed. I put out my astral arms and touched her head! It was warm, just as warm as when she was physically alive, she was moving. I was so happy! I ruffled her head neck and ears, felt the texture of her ears, knew it was my girl for sure. Her ears got bent back by my hands, and I said "when I go back, shake so your ears get straightened out"
Then I was immediately back in my body. But I felt my dog's character and affection from her all day for hours afterwards. I know she lives after death and seemed just fine. She goes away a lot so I don't sense her around more than once every 2 weeks or so, but I'm glad to know she's OK. I hope to meet her again, (have to admit I'm a bit of a wuss, and slightly scared of going out again now in case I can't find her next time! But I intend to be brave and give it a shot soon as I can.)

All the best to you.

Simon said...

Karen, I found this blog entry by Kurt Leland interesting and may be of interest to you. He also is an OOB'er if you have not heard of him.

This entry discusses faery/brownies:

Karen said...

Thank you ALL for your comments! I SO wish I knew how to contact each of you to talk more, so please if you see this, email me or message me on the Facebook name Karen SixFiveNine!