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Friday, June 15, 2012

177) Lucid Learning; Mirrors Reflect Creative Abilities

June 15, 2012   

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared an OBE (with the one last week lost entirely due to an early morning phone call), but I do want to share an experience I had early this AM that was more of a lucid learning experience.  I do not remember being out of body, however, I do remember clearly I was with a guide and conscious of new information about to be given for a question I had regarding what is ‘true reality’ and how it relates to the One Moment.

I was being shown a snapshot (picture) of a scene that I remembered from childhood where I held a very large mirror up again my body and the camera caught the exact time my reflection and I appeared side by side in the same photo.  It appeared as though there were two perfect images of me, without seeing there was a mirror involved.

I then knew this image was being shown as a way of explaining how our personal perceptions create what we see.  There was so much abstract information being processed in this short explanation, that I understood it entirely at the time, however, now in trying to make sense now of what I saw, it is difficult to do with words.  But I will do the best I can to share what I learned.

I was shown a ‘glass house’ full of people, and noticed that each of them carried a mirror. Some mirrors were very small; others had full body length mirrors with them.  It may not even have been a real house but somewhere they could look outside into OTHER people and activities (with each of them carrying their own mirrors).  I saw that by positioning and shining their mirrors to exactly where they wanted to ‘bring something into’ their lives inside this glass house, they just had to point and shoot their mirror’s reflection to that ‘moment’ they desired which was going on outside.

At the moment of pointing this reflection to the activity or person outside the house, immediately I could see that not only was the reflection seen in the personal mirror they carried, but also, there was movement of the ‘essence’ of it or some other part of it brought  into the ‘glass house’ where they were.   I could clearly see this ‘reflection process’ happening with the interaction of these reflections and at the time it all made perfect sense.

I felt all we had to do was point the mirror (and I felt it was up to us how big a mirror we had with us, as it was different sizes at different times) to whatever we wanted to ‘focus’ on outside of this glass house in these other lives and activities going on elsewhere that we also wanted to bring into our own house.

Now for the interesting part, I was then able to understand how a snapshot (picture) taken of this ‘reflection process’ is incapable of accurately portraying what is really happening.  Someone else taking this picture with their ‘camera’ captures only the single moment that shows the reflection in the mirror of this person, however, cannot accurately show how this same reflection is ‘coming into’ this person’s ‘life’ or house.

In my conscious analyzing once awake trying to make sense of this, I believe it shows we always have the capabilities to have whatever we wish within this life (house).  The ‘glass house’, IMO, is a symbol of our perceived ‘separateness’, where we BELIEVE we have a ‘wall’ between us and the ‘other creative realms’ and/or experiences in other lives we have lived, but where in actuality, all of it is very accessible to us if only we took the time to make our ‘mirror’ (open mind or ability to ‘reflect’; aka connect) bigger, and focus on what exactly we want ‘out there’, knowing we ARE able to bring into THIS life anything we wish.

When someone else is trying to explain or ‘capture’ the process that is happening for other individuals from an ‘external’ point of view, it is impossible for them to completely understand or even explain with a short ‘snapshot of a moment’ (camera picture) what is truly happening to us at that moment.   Hence the best way to understand and ‘see’ what is going on is to make your ‘mirror’ bigger and experience it for yourself.

Hence the picture I saw from my childhood in the beginning was a means of explaining this all to me, for which I completely understood and thanked the guide for showing me.  Of course, upon waking, to try to explain what I saw and felt into words is nearly impossible, but I do hope this gives you some idea of what I learned deep inside.)

ADDENDUM:  Comment from another forum and answer for this experience I thought I should share: "how do you know if you experience was an OBE or a LD?" 

I am of the belief that there is such a fine line between OBE and LD, even vivid dreaming at times. It's just a personal viewpoint that I don't like to 'label' anything one way or another as it puts a descriptive 'limit' to what it truly may be. 

For this experience, I am aware I am dreaming and that there is another 'guide' with me who I am asking a question of, despite not remembering getting out into the 'near physical' as common with many of my OBEs. I feel I could have been in a 'higher vibrational' area unaware of any 'body' sense or separateness as one feels when OOB, or perhaps "just" a lucid dream, but regardless, the learning I feel I received remains very strong even hours now after waking. 

I know this is a major concern for many that their experiences be 'labeled' one way or another, and IMO, as long as you are learning, whatever mode you are using, it is all good! 
Therefore I'll not truly be able to say exactly what this was, perhaps a combination of any or all 'labels' we give these experiences...

Also be sure to read the insightful comments below!


Treefrog said...

This was most interesting, Karen.

I especially liked this bit: Someone else taking this picture with their ‘camera’ captures only the single moment that shows the reflection in the mirror of this person, however, cannot accurately show how this same reflection is ‘coming into’ this person’s ‘life’ or house.

I think that is a very important point that what comes into a person's life is `seen' almost entirely in the context of the personal events leading up to that moment...the events which give that experience most of its meaning. As you say, this CANNOT be captured by another person, with all of its subtleties and the depth of meaning that time has given it for that person.

I also agree with you entirely on the point you make about labelling the experience as OBE or LD....these divisions have the potential to be misleading.

Ruby said...

The `single moment' captured by the camera has no meaning when isolated from the other moments in life, as you say. This is, IMO, an important fact about the present moment.

Without the past, the present moment would have absolutely no meaning and would not even be recognisable as anything meaningful!

It's the integration of the past that forms the bulk of what we perceive as the present moment, because we are viewing the present moment through a perception filter that feeds almost entirely off of past events. The present moment is merely a fleeting tiny part of what forms our perceptions.

I'm afraid I do disagree with you about us bringing anything we choose into our life, by choosing where to point the mirror.

Sometimes, what's `outside' points it's own mirror at us.

It's a fascinating account you have written, Karen659!