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Monday, May 28, 2012

176) Attempt to Meet a Friend

My OOB experiences have been less frequent than usual, likely due to my lack of focus on making this a priority in my life at this time.  However, I am thrilled to know I still can get out and enjoy that freedom and fun that each realization of being out of body brings me. 

I had decided prior to bedtime to do the WBTB method as usual, and this time try to meet up with a good friend who lives overseas.  He also has been getting OOB more frequently, and so I thought maybe I could connect with him.

I found myself out twice last night, with the first time a bit unusual in that I felt I had not even finished my induction visualizations when I realized my legs were already floating!   I felt like I was still wide awake but knew enough to not bother to analyze this floating situation, so I just acted on it.

Instead of rolling out as usual, I decided to ‘follow my legs’ and gently floated the rest of my body straight up and to the ceiling!  Once there, I wanted to be outside immediately and so headed directly out the sliding door nearby.

I could feel the cool crisp nighttime air and used the affirmations ‘clarity now!’ and ‘awareness now’ to clear up any remaining ‘fog’ in my thinking.  I remember flying over the porch railing and out over the yard below.  I flew up high with such happiness as I was SO enjoying this freedom of flight! 

I see below me the forests and rolling hills and up ahead I noticed a cityscape, lit up in wondrous colors against the nighttime sky.  Before I get to the city, I swoop down near the ground and roll over on my back, face up, surprised to now feel gentle ‘pings’ of rain hitting my body and face.  I wonder if it’s really raining ‘in real life’, but don’t think too much more of it, just enjoying the sensations.

I fly to the city, and find myself stopping in front of one particular house and assume I’m supposed to meet someone here.  I started climbing up the little hill that is just in front of it and as I get to the top, I see a young boy walking down the driveway towards me.

I feel like I need to get his attention and so I pick up a small stick and throw it at his feet.  He stops, looks at me (or at least in my direction) and I ask, ‘Who are you?’   I get the feeling he is slightly fearful, unsure of what to do next, and I’m not even sure he actually saw me or just felt the stick hit his legs. 

I was a bit disappointed to realize at this point I had that ‘pullback’ sensation and quickly found myself back in bed.

I was determined to get out again, and this time to remember my intention to meet up with my friend.  I was thrilled to realize after a short time that once again I felt the slight buzzing and moved to the door after rolling out. 

Again, I rolled over on my back to gaze up at the billions and billions of beautiful stars twinkling above me, in awe of such beauty and the massive number that I could see while OOB.  It was at this point I remember I wanted to meet my friend (and I’m now thinking it may have been these stars that signaled this memory, as we talk a lot about his love for astronomy and how beautiful the stars and galaxies are when seen through his telescopes.)

So I now know what I want to do, and I am determined to get there.  Floating gently and slowly, I realize I must do something to move faster and so shout out loudly “To (his name)!”  a few times, and I emphasize each word with emotion to see if that will move me faster.  It almost felt as if I screamed this affirmation out loud, there was so much energy put into it!

I was please to feel myself moving, faster and faster, and soon was within a silver tunnel that had beautiful colors swirling around within it.  (This was a first for me, as most times the tunnel is black and dark as I move from one area to another).  I was comforted to hear the ‘roaring’ sound that always accompanies this movement, and as I neared the end of the tunnel, I could see it open up into a forested area. 

I landed on a well-worn dirt pathway that had trees along both sides of the road creating a canopy of leaves overhead.   Looking down the road, I see my friend walking briskly toward me, accompanied by two dogs that are running on ahead.  I’m thrilled, as this is a likely scene to find him in as he frequently takes long hikes through mountains and forests.

I’m a bit confused at first, because I know he has only one dog and I definitely see two, both short-haired and of similar size and color.   I don’t question it then, but in hindsight, I realize that it could likely have been his beloved dog Tigger who passed on previously who was accompanying him and his current dog Ruby on the walk.
I didn’t get a good look at them because just as I was calling out his name, the dogs turned around to follow him as he veered off to a trail that went in another direction!  I remember hollering after him to not leave me just as I got there!

I decide to follow him and after a slight transition in scenes, I watch as he goes into this building that is not his house.  It’s a workshop of sorts and I’m desperately trying to find out what he’s doing there.  He is just not paying any attention to me, even as I swoop very close and yell, ‘can you hear me?’

I turn to a woman who is next to me as ask her, “why can’t he hear me?” and she starts rambling on about something that didn’t relate to my question and made no sense at all.  I said ‘thank you’ and moved on, now realizing I was in some sort of ‘astral city’ where many people go when OOB.

Looking around, I see all sorts of people all busy building and constructing things, collecting their tools and getting supplies to create what they wish.  My friend was in his glory, searching for the best wood and tools to put together something he was intent on building.  I even saw my brother there, also working diligently building something with deep intent and joy. 

I had the feeling that whatever you wanted to create was allowed here, as everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves yet oblivious to any other activity than what they were intent on working on.  I remember watching one group of people in another area collect items for an excursion of some kind, getting lifejackets and boats together for a group adventure.

The only other memory of this experience I had was being with two girls who had created some sort of dietary ‘supplement’ that was supposed to give you energy and they wanted me to try it.  I was resistant because it looked like small round white filament type spikes that I felt could harm me if I ingested it.

The experience ends at this point, and although I was a bit disappointed that my friend didn’t acknowledge me, I at least felt comforted that I had the conscious recall while OOB of what I had set out to do and had another magnificent time flying so freely!


Dodd said...

That was so cool Karen! Loved the traveling and control. Very nice!

Tom said...

I'm always amazed at the depth of your recall although I do remember when I used to record my dreams that I could go on forever! :-)