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Thursday, May 17, 2012

175) Oceania; False Awakenings

17 May 2012

It’s been a rough few weeks for me as many of you know with health issues and many other personal issues that present as ‘bumps’ in the road of life right now.  Because of this emotional and physical turmoil at times, my OOB experiences have been less than normal in both frequency and content.

However, about a week ago I had an experience meeting someone who had passed that I will share with you now along with last night’s experience that had a few symbolic images, as well as an interesting turn of events.

Last week’s experience was a full OBE with much clarity and control, and I so enjoying getting out again!  I woke in full awareness that I could just roll out of body, which I did with ease.  My bedroom was so clear and I effortlessly floated out of the room and down the stairs. 

My vision was perfect, the house looked just as it does, and I remember making things even better by using ALL my affirmations at some point, including ‘clarity now!’, ‘vision now!’ and even ‘awareness now!’. 

Giving a little jump and flip off the stairs into the living room, I was so thrilled to be out again!  I wondered if I could just pass through the floor into the basement and started to do so, but realizing it was rather dark down there, I decided I’d better do something worthwhile.

I affirmed, ‘Take me to where I need to be!’ and at that point, was drawn into the wall by the fireplace.  I passed through the wall VERY slowly, feeling every bit of the change in texture, almost thinking that I might not be able to get through it without suffocating.

As I passed through the wall, instead of outdoors, I found myself in what felt to be a ‘another life’ in this same house, where there was a celebration of some sort going on.  All my family members were there having a grand time, happy and boisterous, sharing food and drink and good times.

However, I somehow felt ‘left out’ once I saw my sister and her fiancé there and how happy they were.  Knowing I was alone without a partner, I felt envious of their loving relationship and I became aware of being of ‘two’ minds.  I was this current OOB Karen, able to read the thoughts and feelings of this other Karen who knew she was missing out on the ‘fun’ here because I/she was allowing our mood to be colored by this feeling of ‘poor me’ and ‘pity me’ that I/we were experiencing.  I was moping around, not wanting to celebrate because I/we did not have what I perceived others to have.

It was rather confusing to be of ‘two’ minds, yet I knew somehow this was part of ‘me’ and yet not part of me.  I feel likely there was a lesson here for me, especially pertaining to current life events.

My next memory was of a transition back to the bedroom as it really is, and seeing an older gentleman in the corner of the room.  He told me he was a friend of my son, his name was Oceania, and he was a sailor.  He had a thin beard, wore a sailor’s cap and jovially proceeded to share his many ‘tales of the sea’ with me. 

At some point, we started to discuss the topic of where he’s at, as he’s telling me how great it was when he first got ‘here’, because he remembered how bad his physical life was.  He’s now not sure this is as good a place as he needs to be in anymore.   He feels maybe there is more to do elsewhere, and it was here that I knew I was to help him move on.  I know I told him there is always something more to do and that he can move on if he wished.  Memories are very limited as to exactly what happened because as you will read next, a false awakening that followed limited my recollections once again.

It was right after this experience that I felt someone actually under me in the bed I was lying in!  Seeing the blankets all messed up, I thought it was those, but then realized it was my daughter who had come into the bed with me! (In actuality my daughter is 2000 miles away in California).

She tells me she wanted to surprise me and come home and she was exhausted from racing home to be with me.  I thought it was strange to have her here, but also knew I had just had this Oceania meeting and wanted to get it recorded.

So I told her, “We can talk more after I get this last experience recorded” and proceed to turn on the recorder.  Realizing that the recorder wasn’t working (a signal that I’m not fully awake), I forced myself to ‘pull back’ to a lighter awareness, and proceeded once again to record all about Oceania. 

Again, I realized things weren’t working right, and so had to pull back one more time, this time to full wakefulness where I could record successfully but also realizing that my daughter really wasn’t in the bed with me!

These false awakenings always are so frustrating as I seem to know that they are somehow meant to deter me from having full memory recall of whatever I just experienced.

Last night’s experience was similar in some respects to this false awakening, but the first two memories of lucidity that night were more symbolic I believe.  First, I remember walking into a gym like building where I had ‘worked out’ many times before.  I had not been here in a long time and was greeted as I entered by a woman who hollered out “Hi, happy to see you again!” as I entered. 

Once inside, I could see grass growing up where I used to work out, indicating I hadn’t been there in a while and was long overdue.  I know it felt good to be back, but what I was doing I have no clue!

Another recall involved what I called ‘astral vision’ as I knew I was fully awake and in bed, but watching scenes roll past that I was a part of.  I don’t remember much except seeing many different places I had lived, including one with buildings that were ravaged by war.

In this last experience, I became lucid when I felt someone ‘physically’ climb over me to get into the bed alongside me!  Again it was my daughter!  However, this time I was lucid enough to know that it was not ‘real’, and I start talking to her and telling her things like, “Are you going to remember you are here with me?….Are you here because there is something you need to tell me?......”Did you know you are dreaming right now?' (as I knew I was OOB in bed since she is still in California).

While I”m trying to find out what 'message' she had for me by being there.....she starts talking to me…and she was able to turn the tables and convince ME that it wasn't a dream, that she was really right there!!!

She was being silly like she sometimes does, laughing and having fun and even had me 'feel' her leg to prove she was physically there.  I swear I could physically feel her leg!  She playfully covered her head with the blankets, and even started to sneeze, but stopped.

I was so confused and I thought, 'Wow, maybe you ARE here! So how and when did you get home?”   I now thought maybe I was wrong and that she WAS really home!  She was laughingly having fun with my confusion and it was such a surprise to me when I woke fully and saw she WASN'T really there!!!

I will say that my daughter IS due to come home to stay with me by the end of June when her husband deploys, so perhaps that is part of the reason I was so easily convinced that she was truly here!

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TreeFrog said...

I have experienced being of two minds when I was OBE. I was floating above the bed, with awareness of my physical body laying below and I was simultaneously in my physical body, looking upwards.

I was so amazed at this, that I woke up laughing's hard to imagine, isn't it, but it happened.

To experience two of you who are both OBE is slightly different. I have never experienced this. Are you trying to talk to yourself...tell yourself something, maybe re-capture something of the `past you'? The sight of the grass in the gym suggests this, in my opinion, and also the fact that one `you' was desiring to be in a relationship.


Take care.