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Thursday, March 22, 2012

171) Party Time! Meeting Many; Being a Writer


I had a series of dream like memories prior to getting out of body which I will mention here just in case someone has some clue if it fits. I was riding in a child’s wagon that was being pulled by a small motorcycle, but really appeared to be a glorified child’s motorized bike.

A family member (whom I have had to do a lot of forgiveness to in my life to overcome some major blockages) was driving the cycle, however, I was concerned for two reasons. We were driving down a major highway near me, and his abilities to function were declining (I felt he was slurring his words and such).

So I took over the controls and was still a bit apprehensive about driving this very small motorbike down a major highway! I am wondering if this can even make it, not knowing where I am driving to nor how to get there!

At one point when I was stopped to eat something, I talked to a man who appeared and told him of my concern that this small bike was not going to make it to the destination on such a major highway. He told me to not worry, that it had ‘a lot of power’ to it and would do just fine!

Now, my next thoughts were that I was ready to roll out of body! It was an easy exit, but upon standing by the bed, I felt a bit disoriented and need to put myself right side up! Vision was dim, and I was able to improve it by affirming ‘vision now!’ (I see I change the wording of these affirmations without really knowing why!)

As I left my bedroom and turned the corner, I was startled when a group of three women and a few young people started talking to me, saying ‘hey, look who’s here!’ with such exuberance and joy that I had to take a moment to compose myself, wondering just who are these people and what are they doing in my house!?!? Lol

I was immediately caught up in their happiness in seeing me, and knowing I was out of body, wanted to get their names so I could remember them upon waking! Each gave me their names, and I tried desperately to ‘imprint’ it, but the only name I remember is ‘Charlotte Daly’ (Daily?) The rest of the names were lost with the huge amount of information that was being taken in as they told me all about themselves.

In the background I could see another woman, a quiet one as I felt she didn’t speak English well. She had shorter, curly, light colored hair and I was told, ‘She’s with (my daughter-in-law’s name). (I will have to speak with my son’s wife to see if she knows of her)

Looking around, I realized I was within a huge room, full of young people of all types and it felt to be as if a party was going on! Everyone so happy and talkative and I was gathering so much information to remember, I just couldn’t imprint it all!

At one point, I remember a group of young people asking, ‘What is the name of this place?’ and can remember thinking to myself the word ‘Afterlife’. A few of them told me what name they felt it to be but my answer to them was something to the effect that ‘Why does it have to have a name for it?’ explaining that there are SO many names for this place, yet it really didn’t matter what you called it. What was important was that everyone was having such a grand time there!

Another woman at the party wore a dressing on her neck, and it reminded me of a dressing we’d use for a tracheostomy. I thought perhaps she had had one prior to passing for a long time and that’s why it was still necessary as part of her look.

In another part of the room, I was now sitting on the couch having a ton of fun and laughs, and all at once a young boy falls into my lap, not moving!! It’s like he ‘flops down dead’, as if trying to ‘freak me out’ and it doesn’t work as I just laugh with the rest of them saying, “Ooops, looks like we have another dead one!” (Gosh, I do hope no one takes offense to this but it’s what happened!)

Another part of the party I was speaking to a woman and asked her, “Why are all the people here so young?” as I had the sense they were all under age 40 and some much younger. She said something like, “Well, we didn’t want to scare you with how we really appeared” and I immediately understood and said, ‘oh yes! Of course! You take on the best appearance for all concerned!” and with that, she glowed with pleasure claiming to everyone, “Ooo, we have a smart one here! She has her stuff all together!” and walked off to tell others about me.

Now, the most interesting part of this experience is when I was speaking with this woman who asked to see my hand. Looking at my palm, she said, ‘let me see if you are a healer’ and said there is ‘some’ there, but then she took my first finger (right hand), put the nailbed directly against her eye and proclaimed excitedly, “Oooooh! You’re a writer!!!”

I was thrilled to hear this, and thanked her, explaining this was such a validation I needed to hear. Another woman comes running up and asks, “Show me how you did that! I want to see!” and the first woman explains something about having to look at the tagus (?) tangus (?) part of the finger, and putting it directly up to your eye to see!

The first woman explained it’s better to be a writer for me, at least I didn’t have to ‘bend’ or ‘bend over’ (?) being a healer…..

So, that’s what I have for this experience….the entire feel for this one was of fun, laughter, and learning! I think I’ll just have to invite more people more often into my life!

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