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Sunday, February 19, 2012

168) Wine Effects, Sending Energy Attempt

I have to start this experience with some background so as you can understand maybe why things happened as they did.

I had not expected to get OOB this morning, so had no focus or intention set as to what exactly I would do if I did. That is a key point in maintaining a degree of control when you start your induction, although I have to add, that I also had had a few glasses of wine prior to bed and think that my ‘consciousness’ was also not fully ‘awake’ to maintain the control either!! Lol

I remember waking about 4am and needing something to drink, having already dreamed I had downed an entire bottle with gusto! Lol I felt awake enough to think about possibly attempting to get OOB, but knew that many times alcohol impacts your ability to do so, so didn’t focus too much on trying.

Getting back to sleep, I remember starting to feel a ‘swaying’ motion…actually thinking, ‘oh dear! I did have too much to drink’!! lol But then knew that this rocking motion could easily be amplified and turned into an OBE, so worked on doing that.

I felt my upper torso swaying back and forth, and then focused on moving even a hand or foot astrally. It was enough that I soon became aware of BOTH my legs being held straight upright off the bed!!! At first I wasn’t sure I was even asleep, that maybe I really HAD raised my legs this high!

Knowing this wasn’t likely, I just assumed it was my astral body, and tried to roll out. It was a bit difficult to separate, but eventually I did find myself standing in my bedroom facing to door to leave. Realizing I was out, I was thrilled, and found myself starting to float up and through the bedroom ceiling.

However, just before exiting the room, I remembered what Jaime in the Astral Projectors group on Facebook did once. He was able to send him own sleeping body healing energy while he was out, and I wanted to do that too!

I turned around and easily saw my body lying on the bed under the covers. For some reason, my face was covered or not clearly visible. (Again, as you may know from previous posts, I believe it is my own preference NOT to see my face as it is possible my ‘mind’ may not be able to process the actual fact that I am in two places at once without return to body).

I move closer to the bed, with the intention of sending energy to my body, but was shocked to feel that the closer I got to my body on the bed, the less ability I had to ‘see’ it clearly, as it appeared to emit some sort of wavy distorted energy or vibrations that did not feel good.

I knew enough to not press this attempt, as you know with any type of ‘negative’ response you are likely to return to body, so I turned back around and continued to float up and out of the bedroom ceiling.

Now, I was not in control of where I was going, whether lack of intent or too much wine, but I found myself outside the house in the dark above my front yard. I could see a ray of light with what looked like rain coming down in the lit area, and moved closer to see what it was.

Entering the light, I could see it was a ‘spotlight’ of sorts off to the side of the yard, and I could feel the ‘tingles’ of what I thought was rain. (In real life, it was not raining at that time, so I have no idea what it was)

Flying through the trees that line my property, I hear children walking along the road behind my house and moved to go see what was going on with them. I thought, because it was early morning, that perhaps they were on their way to the school bus stop. I thought it was sad that they had to walk to the bus stop in such darkness.

It was at that time I was totally taken into a lucid dream that I have very little recall of once awake. In hindsight, I do think that perhaps my ‘woozy’ body was emitting those peculiar energy waves due to its destabilized state, and the lack of control and my memories of the LD were also affected.

However, I am happy that at least I remembered to try to send energy to my body when out, so that means maybe next time with an improved physical body and mind, I’ll succeed!

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Tom said...

Wine is the magic elixir that drops the veils around our personalities and let’s the truth come through – in vino veritas – and perhaps what you were seeing and experiencing was from a different perspective than you’re used to.