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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

165) Cats and Puzzles


I thought I'd share a quick experience I had a few mornings ago. It began with a visit from some feline friends, with becoming aware of a huge cat climbing up onto my chest! Sitting there purring to get my attention, I then found myself in a room a with three other cats. I could not actually ‘see’ these animals but sensed their energies and presence.

While bending to pet each one, I could ‘feel’ their tingly vibrational energy and ‘hear’ them make a deep meowing sound. In real life, there are no cats currently in my house and these all felt to be ‘new’ to me, not past cats I have had, nor any that have visited me before while OOB.

After the 'cat' experience, I was in and out of different 'phases' a few times that night, remembering watching hoards of people marching into a castle while I flew to the rafters. Feeling unpleasant energies here, I tried to zoom to the moon, but with much difficulty in moving then decided I’d affirm, “to my higher self!” to see where I’d go.

What happened is, I found myself aware of lying on my bed and seeing my astral arms lifted above me. I felt too heavy to move out, but then had the rare occurrence of 'astral vision' where I know I'm in a deep state on the bed with my eyes closed, but able to see and sense clearing what is in front of me.

What I see initially is a BEAUTIFUL puzzle of glorious colors with intricate pieces being put together in a stunning display of beauty that then comes to life once complete in a spectacular display of harmony and communication.

My next vision is a more 'basic' puzzle, not nearly as intricate, with black and white cartoon characters on it (I remember Foghorn Leghorn and Chip & Dale! lol). In the upper left corner are some missing pieces and even a few pieces that are jammed in wrong but made to fit.

The words, "Karen's first puzzle" are there, and I remember feeling total elation as I realize the puzzle is now complete enough for the cartoon characters to come to life, which they did similar to the more elaborate puzzle display I saw just previously!

My feelings with this experience are that the basic cartoon puzzle may be my beginner's (childlike) attempt to put the pieces together with the many facets of life experiences and knowledge I am creating. Despite my early attempts in life to 'force fit' some puzzle pieces and still with a few missing ones, I AM perhaps successful in gaining enough 'form' (knowledge) to make it all work (come to life)!

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