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Thursday, January 26, 2012

167) Sleep Timer Use; Meeting my Grandmother

January 26, 2012

I thought I'd share a quick experience this morning, one that I wasn’t going to post, until my friends at the Astral Projectors group in Facebook said I should! So here goes…

Since I didn't have to get up early today, I was trying a different technique for lucid dreaming, one where you set a timer to go off at intervals to help with awareness (great site:

During the night I can remember having LOTs of dreams which was an improvement already, but one in particular was quite memorable. I was helping someone with 'negative spirits' that were bothering him, and was showing him how you just needed to have no fear when they started 'taking control'.

I don't have specific details, but remember myself having that slight tinge of fear when one would come, but then emphatically stating, 'stop!' or 'release now' to get them to comply. One 'spirit' that was insistent took my astral arm and was shaking it violently which concerned me, but again, I somehow got the courage to say "stop!" and send love which dissipated it.

As I moved in my bedroom toward my body, I looked up to see my grandmother (who passed many years ago) enter the room! I was astonished, as I've not seen any family members ever in spirit. Actually, she looked so different than she did (much younger look and I never recall her looking like that) but somehow I knew it was her. We were sitting together and my only memory was excitedly telling her all about what I was doing and how I had "figured out how the nervous system worked"! (?)

It was a very short talk and I was pulled back quickly to body (as I think I was so close to my 'self' in bed) but ultimately was thrilled to awaken and know I met with her! My first time meeting someone in my family that has passed on!

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