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Sunday, January 22, 2012

166) Learning Control Again with Awareness Now

January 22, 2012

I am learning a lot about myself over the past few weeks, including the fact that I need to learn to ‘let go’ of many things that no longer serve me. Now on my own in life and feeling the freedom and joy of learning who I truly am, I find I am being given many new opportunities for growth and spiritual development.

This OBE this morning was not much to write about, however, it impressed me in that I learned a few things about how I look at my experiences. The very first time I woke after a few hours’ sleep, I remember dreaming I was driving my car (as usual!) and found myself in an area that I had no recollection of how I got there! I remember thinking, ‘uh oh, this isn’t good, to have driven this far and have no memory of how I got here!’…which should have been my signal for a reality check, but I totally lost the opportunity and woke completely.

In waking, I realized this lost opportunity and was determined to get back into the right mindset to get OOB. It took a long time, and much effort before I finally heard in my head to ‘just let go’. Figuring this meant I wasn’t going to get OOB tonight, I rolled over and went to sleep.

Very soon thereafter (I think!), I became aware of a ‘lighter sensation’ and that ‘knowing’ that this is it!! I tempered my excitement knowing I was getting ready, and then felt the slight ‘tingles’ that I now get in place of full vibrations. I remember thinking again, ‘finally! Yes! It’s happening!’

I was fully alert, yet knew all I had to do was raise my astral arms for confirmation, which I did. Wasting no time, I rolled out off the bed to my left, and affirmed, ‘to the door!’ Moving along, I realized I was still ‘fuzzy’, with vision that kept fading, so affirmed ‘Awareness now!’ multiple times as I moved into the hallway and down the stairs. I was amazed how that simple statement could clear up any fog in my thinking and vision.

Now at the bottom of the stairs, it opens into a large room, not my house. I see offices off to the side, and hear radio/music playing. Moving into the larger room that felt to be a ‘gathering place’, I’m looking around at all the various objects within it (not that I can remember what they are now!).

As I get across the room, I figure there has to be someone here, so mentally holler, “Is anyone here?” Right away, I hear a male voice excitedly yell back, ‘Yes! We’re over here!’

In the far corner, I see two elderly men in wheelchairs. I get the feeling of a ‘nursing home’ or sorts we are in, and they are old time veterans who live here. As I approach, I start talking to them about who they are and why they are here. I don’t recollect any specific conversation, because I am focused on the fact that my vision and awareness keeps fading.

Determined to see who these men are, I demanded emphatically, “AWARENESS NOW!!” and I was excited to see my vision came back clear and crisp immediately! The one gentleman was of solid build, with very short white hair, and a friendly smile that told me he was thrilled to see me. The other gentleman was smaller, with longer dark hair and perhaps a Hispanic background.

Now, I really am sorry I don’t remember much of our conversation as I was doing more thinking about me and my ‘status’ at the time! While talking, I thought maybe I should be doing something else, like affirming ‘to my Higher Self’ which would help me more.

With that, I remember saying “to my Higher Self’ but I could FEEL and hear it spoken with my physical body! My physical lips moved with that affirmation and it totally threw my consciousness into full physical reality. I was back in body and unable to re-enter this experience.

I can still picture these two gentlemen, however, as the clarity of my vision was amazing. I only wish I had taken some time to remember what we discussed!

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Treefrog said...

It could be that what you discussed has now been embedded in your subconscious, anyway.