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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Response to Pass Through Truck Miracle Post

This is what I wrote in response to a request as to why I feel this 'Pass Through Truck Miracle' occurred in my might be insightful for others so I'll share it here too...

As for why it happened, I'll likely not fully know in this life, however, I do feel it may have been one of the 'built in' exits that could have been pre-planned into my life. We take much effort in-between lives, IMO, to create all types of options to be shown to us when necessary depending on what choices we make in this life. It's hard to imagine, but I believe that every single choice we make here has been seen before and a pre-planned set of experiences designed to maximize our learning here was created. This includes 'life exits' that may be needed.

At the time of this truck miracle (1999), I was in turmoil, emotionally exhausted, and going through a bad divorce. I was on my way to sign papers that I felt to be totally wrong to do so, yet had to do....(ok, so the details were that I was on my way to sign papers to mortgage my house, the one my father built for me as payment for taking care of his mother, to pay my soon-to-be ex his half of it!!! totally not fair in my eyes!)....

I remember reading once where we sometimes pre-plan certain points in our life where we are given the opportunity to 'exit' this life depending upon our degree of need or desire. This could have been one of those, and the fact that the crash didn't happen was because I was stable enough to know that my young children (at the time) were the reason I had to remain and wanted to do so. You can see that I had no idea this was going to happen, as I repeated with certainty that 'he's going to hit me!'

Also, I have to clarify at the time, I was not as involved in the astral travel nor have the understanding that I have now. Those were the times when life was my family, and the few dream experiences I had and such were nothing more than that. In hindsight now, I can see that I've been guided to this point in my life for various reasons.

I do have to say, that this wasn't the first time I had 'divine intervention' that stopped me from a catastrophic outcome. One other time when I was just a young woman of 25, I was saved from certain disaster with my first encounter with 'voices' within a dream. If interested, I can share that too...

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