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Thursday, May 12, 2011

145) New Location to Exit; Buddy and Animal Visit; Using Signal to Continue

With this experience you will note there is a definite lack of recall but as always, there was new learning for me!

I knew this time would be unusual because I was alone for the entire night so I decided I would try to stay in my bed instead of moving to the couch in the living room, which is my usual routine. I awoke after a few hours’ sleep, and then tried to induce.

My first recollection is hazy, as I found myself out of body already, but thinking I was in the living room, felt confused because something was different! I remembered I wanted to turn and look at myself (a goal I had set prior), but when I did, there was difficulty getting my orientation. (Likely because I was in my bedroom and completely unfamiliar with being OOB there!)

I could see a hazy outline, but with all the confusion and thought processes going on, I worried that by thinking too much I’d ruin my experience and get pulled back in. So I affirmed ‘to the outdoors!’ which allowed me to instantaneously ‘be’ out of the room into the darkness and flying around as usual, zooming up to trees and just enjoying myself!

Now that I’m ‘out’, I asked to be taken to ‘where I need to learn’ (which is always an easy goal when I’m not sure what I wanted to do). Now, here is where my memories get a bit limited, as you will see likely due to the second part of this night!

I remember blackness and hearing voices, then one particular female voice who was telling me all that we were going to do as we moved together to go somewhere. The ONLY words I recall here is ‘a review of time’, meaning that we were going to discuss how ‘time/space’ interacts with all that is. This has been an ongoing discussion I’ve had with my friend mentioned below, and how ‘time’ is relative to where it’s being perceived.

I’m guessing what else she was telling me related to the other topics we would be learning that night, but I cannot remember any other words NOR can I remember anything further from that specific experience. It is just total blank at that point.

My next recall was being ‘dropped down’ to a field near my home, where I could savor the ‘feel’ of the grass and texture of the ground. I remember thinking how amazing it was to know I was out of body, yet could still touch and feel such physical sensations.

I then hear voices and see a car’s headlights moving down the road toward me. I get the feeling that ‘something is amiss’ and yet I feel no fear. Actually, I became even a bit defiant in that I wanted to prove to myself there is nothing to fear while OOB, so I headed for the middle of the road and faced the oncoming headlights! I’ll admit, I can still remember there was that ‘twinge’ of concern that maybe I’m not OOB, but ultimately I didn’t have to make a decision because the car just pulled over to the side of road just before it got to me!

I’m still a bit confused as to what happened next, as I remember voices, a feeling of ‘concern’, and then excitement as I feel my dog Buddy (who passed last year) standing close to me, pressing against my legs! I reach down and pet him, and somehow know he’s there to protect me!

The next recollection was of lying in bed once again, but STILL with my Buddy draped across my chest! I move my hands to pet him, as I know he’s there for a reason. While lying there, I now hear animals of all kinds in my room making such a noise! My association with this is that I must be in an area where animals are being treated, as it ‘feels’ as though it’s a veterinarian’s office of sorts.

I hear a male voice speaking to me off to my right, but in what I perceive to be a completely unknown language! He’s talking and telling me so much, and I’m trying to interrupt him and say ‘I’m sorry but I don’t understand your language’! The sound of the different animals makes it even harder to try to understand!

Now I feel a ‘pull-back’…and know I’m becoming awake in my bed. Buddy is gone, and I search for my voice recorder. Finding it, I start fumbling once again with the controls, getting upset that it seems to not be working right again!

In a moment of clear lucidity, however, I realize…’hey! This is the same false awakening I always have!’ and use it to consciously roll out, off the bed, and into my near physical environment. This time I know I’m in my bedroom and move easily through the sliding door to the outdoors.

Once on the upstairs porch outside, I affirm that I want to go visit my friend and call him by name! For a few brief moments, however, I am given the ‘knowingness’ that should I continue, I’ll likely lose quite a bit of the first part of this experience! My determination to have some sort of ‘validated’ meeting with my friend makes me continue on and I fly upward toward the stars.

Now amongst the beautiful twinkling stars, I realize that I'm beginning a pull-back once again. I’m disappointed to find myself waking, this time to full wakefulness, without having had the opportunity to complete my visit. What was interesting, though, was a feeling of ‘pulsating’ circling type of energetic pressure all around my third eye area as I awoke. This type of energy movement was new to me this experience.

I am given the knowing, that despite the limited physical recall, this was an ‘important step’ in my learning. The bare minimum I feel I’ve learned was to consciously recall the frequent false awakening ‘signal’ to continue on! In hindsight, I believe more was learned, but not retained consciously. However, this little step was enough for me!

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