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Sunday, March 6, 2011

140) Learning Importance of Protection


For a little background on this OBE, I had decided I’d use my Hemi-sync MP3s that I used when I first started my OOB travels to see if there was any difference in experience with them now.

My usual induction and visualization technique always involves surrounding myself with white light, using affirmations, and asking for help from those ‘who are at or above my level of development.’ This time, however, I simply allowed the tapes to lead me into relaxation and the proper mind state as I drifted off.

My first recollection for this OBE was a dream where I was caring for my son in his younger years. I became aware when I felt a sensation of ‘hands’ placed on my hips. I have felt these hands before and was not concerned at all, as it gave me the lucidity I needed to know I was about to get OOB.

Feeling a ‘push’ on my bottom, I thought, ‘well, maybe they are trying to help push me out’ and took the initiative and rolled out to my right. I found myself climbing out of bed OOB and could even ‘hear’ the sound of my foot as it landed on the floor!!

I thought this was quite odd as I don’t usually hear physical type sounds associated with getting out of body, and in looking around, realized I was in my bedroom from long ago before the house was remodeled. (In actuality, I was on the living room couch as usual!) This bedroom, however, was the same bedroom that would have corresponded with the younger age of my son in the dream just prior.

Just happy to be out of body again, I tried to move to the living room but was surprised to feel ‘disoriented’ and unsure of where I was going. I even remember thinking, ‘Why can’t I think clearly?’ but did not remember to do the ‘stay aware’ that I just learned in the previous OBE! I did, however, continue to feel a very tight arm around my waist, knowing whomever was holding me was immediately behind me and very, very close!

Things felt ‘heavy’ and ‘thick’ but I managed to get into the living room, still held tightly by this individual and making my movements difficult. Now I feel a second hand moving to my upper chest against my breast and I become a bit concerned. I am not afraid, but also not feeling as though this is something ‘good’ happening.

I hear a loud ‘guttural’ type sound from within the room and then a male voice in my right ear saying something like, ‘they know we are here’. I didn’t understand all his words or meaning and told him, “I cannot hear you!” asking him twice to repeat what he was saying. I just couldn’t get the full meaning of his words.

Becoming suspicious of something being amiss, I turned quickly to face whoever was holding me so close from behind and talking into my ear. I could clearly see a young man, light complexion, thin, small eyes, with sandy colored hair parted nearly in the middle, looking at me smiling. It was not a ‘warm’ friendly smile and I felt concerned.

My guard was up, but surprisingly, felt NO fear. I asked him ‘Who are you?’ and “Are of a part of my higher self?” Not really sure if these were the right questions as my thoughts were still not clear, I then remembered what William Buhlman had told us to do should you face someone of questionable character, asking “What do you represent?” (Those who are of the Light will respond, those who are less than desirable cannot lie nor remain). I saw his face distort slightly, and then he disappeared!

Immediately after, I pulled back to full awareness, and thought about what just happened.

In hindsight, I realized I did not do my usual induction to include the 'white light of protection' and a request for those 'at or above my level of development', having used just the Hemi-sync MP3s to induce. Likely I was in a very ‘near-physical’ dimension where a ‘less-than-desirable’ entity may have been waiting. I was never afraid, but I knew something wasn't right.

Although I rarely encounter these 'lower level' entities, it is important that you always know who you are dealing with when OOB. Asking them 'what do you represent?' will give you the insight as to their intentions. My lesson here was that this visualization of white light with a protection request should remain a key part of my induction routine!

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