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Saturday, May 16, 2009

104a) Comments - discussion

I thought I'd post a copy of the comment section that added some discussion about the experience. Please feel free to add anything via comments or email. The more we share, the more we learn! Thanks Jurgen, Dave, & Phil!

Hi Karen, this is really fascinating. In my own experience blindness occurs, when I haven’t quite moved out of the physical energy field, which means you are in an in-between state. You can’t see either the physical nor the non-physical, as you are not quite in the next dimension close to the physical. Once I make the transition into to next dimensional counterpart, the sight returns, but I don’t see any longer the physical. Have you noticed that sometimes it may look like your physical room, but things are slightly different such as a carpet where there isn’t one in the physical? This is generally a good indication that one has made the transition into the next dimensional counterpart of the physical.

Interesting concept, however, how does this explain that sometimes I am totally 'blind', yet by affirming 'awareness now!' or 'clarity now!' I am then able to see?! Maybe this affirmation just moves me more fully into the proper 'vibrational' status to see. I also think there are times I just am not meant to see, as it is more important that I develop my 'other senses' by not relying on vision as much.

I think you are right, affirmation puts you clearly into the right mode. I noticed this also applies to other things, if there are barriers or such. In my case vision seems to be the primary focus although I have experienced taste and smell.

Yes, also, I understand what you mean by things are never fully the same as in physical, This is an observation I made lots of times and led me to conclude that we are then in a higher dimensional counterpart which is partly influenced by our thought or those of other people, here in physical or over there. I wonder whether you have noticed when you went higher up that you thought you knew the place, identifying it solely by its atmosphere, perhaps as a certain place such a a specific town, although it was unrecognisable, looking different etc, but still "feeling" like the place you knew.
only a vague similarity, enough to 'remind' you that you are out! I use the differences I find as another 'signal' that helps me remain in full awareness of the fact that I am definitely out of body, as I still have many times when I question that possiblity! A big learning for me occurred when I made the realization that if I ever 'question' my OOB status, that would definitely be a signal that I was!! When you are 'in physical', there is NO question that you are!! lol This is a really obvious and good trick and quite frankly it has never really occurred to me.

Interesting too that you could feel the “arms of the chair”. You most definitely felt the arms of the astral counterpart of the physical chair. It’s impossible to physically feel the physical chair when out of the body although one can still get a sensation of the physical in very much the same way as “psychics” get a sensation of non-physical things. So when you “physically” felt something its a good indication that you felt the astral counterpart of the chair. I just assume that its an indication that I am not 'fully' into the higher vibrational status, because I am able to 'retain' my memory of physical touch yet also move through things! IMO, there are many 'levels' of vibrational existence, I refer to these as dimensions, but I am sure its the same thing and (what is memory anyway?)
and we can go through multiple levels each time we exit. I never know until I'm out if I'm going to be in the lower, heavier state, or the much fun, lighter, free-er realm! Sometimes I get a mix of many!

The other thing that was very interesting was that you were aware of a beautiful summer day, which could have been the scenery on the next dimension, but the “blindness” which I think is caused by etheric matter still clinging to you after separation, prevented you from breaking through. I really wonder whether it is also this “etheric” matter causing the difficulty in moving about when separating from the body. It seems to be a gluey substance which needs to be broken to enter the next dimension freely. Now this is an interesting concept, and perhaps another 'reason' for the different levels as described above. Not only are there multiple vibrational realms of existence, but it woud also depend upon the level of 'etheric matter' you bring with you. IMO, this level of 'etheric matter' may depend upon your physical state upon exit, your current 'belief system', or any other subconscious/conscious thoughts you have at that time! I agree with you. Curiously I only experienced those things when I first started out thirty odd years ago, I seem to snap through these and wonder whether meditation has something to do with it.

Fascinating to read about another entity near you. I always refer to it as my “silent companion”. They never seem to say much, but generally there seems to be a feeling that one is in good hands. No doubt they’re having fun watching us. Yes, many times I 'sense' the silent companion with me, or perhaps even with the others who come to me. It's an understanding you have while out and moving about that they are there for assistance should you need it, and many times I have if you read the blog! (I'll never forget the words, 'Shields up!' that were firmly stated when I met that negativity in one experience! -- #59 June 2008) Have you ever seen him or her and if so did you recognize them as your "silent companion". Are the always the same person or people? For many experiences, the male silent companion has been the same one and I finally did learn his name in another OBE (see # 78). There has also been a familiar female companion many times, however, her identity is not known.

Interesting your conversation with the woman. I once listened (out-of-body)to my brother having a conversation with his college at his work 1200 miles away. It was as if I was right next to them and listened attentively to every word of the very technical conversation. I even wondered whether it would have been fun to memorize it and tell my brother, but decided in the end that it wasn’t worth the hassle as my brother doesn’t believe in this “mambo-jumbo”.It is easy to tune into the general thought content of the atmosphere which sounds like talking or listening to several radio stations at once. Like Dave, I wonder whether you tuned into an incarnate woman’s mind or whether you made contact with a discarnate person? That 'radio' voice, or voices, is a common occurence many times and I have just learned to use it as a signal that I am about to exit. Initialy I used to think it was just the TV that was left on, but now I assume it is just the 'noise' of the universe as I can tell it's not directed at me or talking to me. Some people say its tuning into global thought frequency just before exit.

From Dave - Any idea who this woman is? A living person? A past person? A currently non-living person? I have no idea who this particular woman was, only that she needed help in some way. I am assuming it is one who may not even be aware she is 'passed on' and is living in a world of her own creation, similar to her life on Earth, in which all her desires and thoughts are realized.

It is a type of 'belief system' realm that keeps some souls from moving on, due to their inability to be 'open' to other possibilities. I had no 'visual' information, only 'sense' and touch. I just felt she needed to be guided to look for help in order to unlock her 'beliefs' that kept her there.

For my own benefit: what would you say was your sense of awareness during most of this? Like it is in a dream? Like a lucid dream? Like normal life? More awake then normal life? Honestly, it depends on the type of OBE it is!! You will see lately it's been 'near-physical' and very heavy sensations, where the degree of lucidity, control, and clear thoughts are limited. The higher experiences, where I am in a higher vibrational state and feel lighter and free-er, then the awareness level and thought processes are so clear!

What is interesting that is that my awareness is much like it is while fully awake! That's what people don't realize when they believe it's a 'dream' or get OOB. It is dismissed as not 'real' because there is little difference in their 'thinking' while awake, and those while OOB!

How do you distinguish an actual OBE from a dream? Or do you consider them both potentially equally real, yet different than waking reality? Tough to describe the difference, but you just KNOW there is one. Many times, however, there is little difference as well!! Honestly? It's easier if you don't try to analyze what's going on...if you find yourself in what you think is a dream, then it'll be a dream. If you take that dream, and become aware within it, then you can convert it to an OBE if you so wish! Again, it's your perceptions and beliefs that guide what you feel and do...the best I can say is to just 'let go', don't analyze so much, and believe in what you are doing!

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