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Sunday, May 18, 2008

56) Visiting with "D."

I made the intention that if I got out again last night I'd try to remember to go see "D.", just in case I'm on a roll here and could take her with me! :)

What happened was unique to say the least, but not much else. I remember feeling the 'awakened' mind while dreaming stage, despite how it felt I may be 'too awake' to get out.

I still tried to do the roll-out with my legs, and succeeded in a partial exit. With a little more oomph, I was out, but standing unsteadily, as if it was the first time again!

It took me a few seconds to realize I was truly out, as it felt so different and heavy. I was confused for a short bit, wondering what I had wanted to do, but fortunately, gained some recall about wanting to go see D.

Standing in the living room, a bit confused by the strange sensations, I affirmed 'to D.!', but felt compelled to also add 'inward now!'. It was after forcing a slight twist to the left that I felt the usual spinning and moving sensations, along with blackness.

I felt I was descending and entering into a small living room/sitting room of sorts. I will describe it as best I can, but you will see that my time there was SO brief, I'm lucky I can even recall what I did.

It was more the 'feeling' of the room that I remember, such a cozy, warm, home-y type room, with many little knick-knacks and 'items' on display. It was cluttered in a sense, but in a very neat and organized sort of way, so that it felt warm and inviting. There was only the warm glow of a lamp or two that lit the room, nothing bright and stark about this room at all. I was not able to see anyone, yet had the feeling someone was there.

Immediately upon entering this room from above, I heard the loud raucous sound of a telephone ringing! I was SO upset to think that my phone would ring at this crucial time! (It was a false awakening I later found out - no phone call was received IP)

I answered the phone, pulling myself out of this 'foggy state' I was in (which I believed was due to my just being OOB). It was another nurse from work, who was in need of help on a critical patient, and I remember telling her, "hang on, I'll be there as soon as I can - I'm not feeling too well right now" thinking I needed to get more awake to process my thoughts clearly.

My friend Susan was also there, rushing around to get ready for work as well, and I confirmed with her that she had heard about the trouble at work. (You would think this would have made me realize it was a false awakening, but since I had just returned from a trip with her, I think I assumed I was still on that trip!)

Getting dressed, I'm now forcing my mind to awaken, and am so surprised to see that when I fully awaken for real, I'm still here on the couch at home, with no one around and nothing going on!

I have to wonder why would a false awakening want to stop me from completing this task I set? The whole experience was different from the start, so I just don't know what to think about this one.

5/18/08 Second attempt to visit D.

Last night, while visiting my son in his 15th floor apartment, I was able to get out with the intention of trying once again visiting "D." I remember rolling out off the couch, feeling very very heavy, yet surprisingly very clear in my thinking. I moved to the sliding door to the balcony, and notice how sloo-o-o-w moving everything felt, even my motions.

I attempted to turn to look at myself on the couch (knowing full well this is something I don’t really want to do since previously I have found I return immediately), and as I am attempting to turn very slowly, I am stopped. I don’t fight the block, knowing it is for my own best interest to not do so.

With my attention to the balcony, I try to ‘walk’ through the glass door, only to find it rather solid and difficult to pass through. It takes me only a second to know it IS possible to do (remember, I am very clear in my thoughts, an unusual occurrence for me), and then proceed to go through the door to the outside, however, in a very slooooow process, definitely feeling the change in texture as I pass through.

Now standing on the balcony, I see the beautiful view of the city below, and think clearly of my intention to go visit "D". So I say to myself, ‘to D.!’ with full intention of traveling there, and was so surprised to find myself immediately transitioning to a fully awake state! No false awakening, just fully awake and in my body. Worse yet, I was not able to get out again for the remainder of the night!

I am beginning to think that deep down, I am of the belief that I should not be using this OOB gift in such a manner and that may be a reason for this inability to travel to destinations of my own choosing. Using ‘inward now’ and having my Higher Self decide where and what I need to be doing is what resonates best with me, and therefore I feel has an impact on my ability to meet with others.

At this time, I think I will return to the use of ‘Inward Now!’ and see if my experiences return to the deeper learning events that I long for again. With these intentions I am confident I will have more interesting experiences to post!

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