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Sunday, May 11, 2008

55) Traveling With a Friend OOB!

Wow! I can't believe I was actually able to bring along a very good friend on this latest OOBE! It again isn't much, but it does tell me that perhaps this will be my only attempt to bring along someone who has not had their own previous OOBE in order that they could validate it with me.

I was away on a long weekend in Cape Cod with two friends, one being a very close confidante and long time associate, Susan. This was to be a 'girls getaway' weekend of rejuvenation and energy work, so I had high hopes (and intent!) of experiencing something wonderful and exciting.

It was on the second night that I found myself out of body in the bedroom. I had already planned on what I would do when I get out, so I affirmed 'to the door!' which took me first to the bedroom door. I then again affirmed 'to the door!' and proceeded to the main living room area where Susan was sleeping on the couch.

It was at that time, I remember extending my left hand to her right hand and taking off! I knew we were flying south along Cape Cod, as I remember seeing the ocean waves moving into shore from my left to my right beneath me. I distinctly remember telling Susan, "You have to remember this! Any small part of it, you just have to remember this!!!"

It seems my 'feeling' at this time was that she was still 'sleeping' and was not really responsive to my urgings. Although she appeared awake, I could tell by her 'demeanor' that it was going to be unlikely that she would be able to recall any of it.

I took her to a cluster of trees, planning on zooming up the tree, as it is a favorite OOB pastime of mine it seems (lol). However, I also recall thinking, as we faced the tree in front of us, 'wow, these trees really are short here by the sea!' so it wasn't as much fun as it usually is.

Trying to do other maneuvers that she may be able to recall later, I then tried to teach her how to 'back flip', another OOB favorite of mine. Again, I remember instead of the usual 'feet up over head' flip, it was more of a soft back loop!!!

We proceeded to a house somewhere below where I saw a woman and her two sons. Much detail is lost here, as this OOBE would continue on with more 'feeling/emotional' aspects than actual events that can be put into words.

I can only put here what I was able to record immediately upon waking, with as much word associations as I could recall. I actually remember near the end having to make the OOBE stop so that I would even be able to recall these few events, knowing there was SO much more to it that I can express here.

Anyway, in the house, Susan and I were welcome friends, at least it seemed so in the beginning. However, I feel this experience may have been more, as in something I needed to learn from.

At some point, the woman and her husband (who had come in during our stay) determined that somehow I was the one responsible for their youngest child's death! I remember that there was a 'connection' I had had with this young son (under age 5), but I cannot recall in what capacity. The mother, father, as well as the remaining two sons, (aged approximately 8 & 12), were emphatic that I was to blame!

Hoping for some backup support from Susan, I quickly realized she was not going to be capable of helping me and that this was something I was going to have to do for myself. Her presence in this experience disappeared at this time.

So, to sum up what happened as best I can, I believe that because I felt I had to defend myself from this false accusation, I became absorbed within their beliefs and could feel the slow rise of panic and fear.

This made me completely useless in giving any form of help to them, and I was so glad to be given a signal (one I know I received but cannot recall) that I was still out of body! I just took off, out of the house, and flying free into darkness.

Flying through a night sky, I saw in the distance a storm brewing, with flashes of light and high winds. Loving the wind as I do, I headed straight for the beautiful orange/red clouds and yellow flashes of light, enjoying the brisk wind in my face.

Looking down, I saw school children being usered to 'safety' by the teachers in anticipation of this major wind/rain storm.

Once I was within all the red/orange/yellow light of the storm, I found myself in an amusement type area, where these same colors were now completely filling both sides, above and below me, in the form of lighted signs or colored boxes. It is interesting to note that there were ‘flames of fire’ within these little boxes, making me think perhaps the storm caused some sort of damage.

I moved downward, seeing a staircase with many people descending the stairs. I was flying above them, going up, and just looking at their faces trying to see if there were any who appeared familiar. There were mostly women, some with children, and a few men...all smiling at me, but not interacting.

At the top of the stairs sat three children, and I decided to stay and talk with them. I felt welcomed and and asked them their names. They were all unusual names and would be pronounced in such a cute 'kid-like' manner. I don't recall the exact names, just the fact that their own version of the name was made me smile.

It was at that point I felt I had to force an ending to this OOBE as there was SO much happening that I knew I was barely going to be able to remember the highlights. I always hate it when that happens, but I also know when I've 'had enough'.

What is interesting to share with you is that I was recently asked what my greatest fears were in life. After much thought I came with two fears: being falsely accused and personal failure to follow through with a given responsibility due to not being told about it. By doing so in an unknowing manner would be the only way this would happen, as I would never intentionally disregard any responsibilities I have been assigned.

In reviewing this OOBE, it is perhaps just this 'fear' that caused me to conform to the family's belief system and hence my hasty retreat from them.

As for the rest of the OOBE, it's anyone's guess...and I'm always open to suggestions! Email me with any if you have some insight...thanks!

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Freddie Rivera said...

Very interesting OOBE Karen. My thoughts are that when a person has a regular dream they most of the time dream about some fears and it manifests itself in that dream. Like in my last OOBE I found myself without pants and felt ashamed and embarrassed about it in my OOBE, this same thing happens to me on regular dreams, being on a New York City subway in my underwear and feeling the same about it and trying to hide from others. I feel this happens when your about to feel sleepy and drowsy in your OOBE, it starts to take form of a regular dream. I would try to stay as lucid as possible while OOBEing to minimize this.