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Thursday, July 26, 2007

14) Intent is Everything

I just wanted to post a note here letting everyone know that since I have been on vacation for the past 3 weeks, there has been little posting done. I still have had dream experiences and have them recorded, but due to time constraints, I haven't been able to get them written out and evaluated.

I do want to point out it IS true that placing intent and expecting results will give you the best experiences. Over the past three weeks, I slowed down on the number of attempts and 'working' sessions due to the vacation. I still have had dreams and experiences, but they in no way compare to the sometimes 'high-level' ones that I have when I expect and work toward them. I feel the dreams I have had still have very symbolic events, but the actual lucid-type experiences were not there.

Now that things are getting back to 'normal', I will hopefully be able to post more here. I did want to make sure everyone knew that focusing intent and fully expecting results WILL give you the best chances for any lucid dream experiences and OOBEs.

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