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Saturday, July 7, 2007

13) One Sentence Description

7:52am 7/04/07

I woke with the definite feeling I had just done some intensive ‘studying’ (for lack of a better word) somewhere, and the only recall I had was this task I was given at the end. The task was to find a sentence in this book that best described me, the ‘whole me’. (Again, this may be a reference to my beginning blog entry that says I’m on “Journey One – getting to know yourself”)

I was sent to a ‘waiting room’ to look up in a book (one I knew very well) to find a single sentence that I felt would describe who I am. I knew where I wanted to look but it was taking me a long time to find it. I knew the exact sentence I wanted, and it was in this book in a chapter that dealt with 18th century or 1700’s. The book covered all kinds of information and had many chapters to go through. I felt had read this book before, and it covered all aspects of myself, from being a mom, to cooking and recipes. I was looking at the titles of the chapters on top, specifically looking for this 18th century reference. Any other sentence I found just wouldn’t do a good enough job to fully describe what I felt was ‘me’.

My counselor there gave me this task was there off to my left, doing other things while I’m searching the book in this waiting room full of other people. My friend Susan was there talking to people just like a counselor would, participating in the conversation, and trying to help the others with their issues. (Something she does in real life too)

I felt I was holding everything up, causing a delay, in trying to find this sentence. I got the feeling I was there with someone else and I knew I could find a sentence that described that person, but I just couldn’t find one to fully describe me.

I did wake with a 'knowing' that perhaps I am NOT able to be described by just one sentence, but am a myriad of all that I have ever been! (which I’m sure may mean my many past lives).

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