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Saturday, March 29, 2008

51) Another Missed Opportunity with False Awakening


This morning I had the luxury of staying in bed for a while after awakening which is a rarity these days with my life schedule as it is.

The sun was already up and I put on my dark eye cover and relaxed back into a comfortable position, with the intent of going OOB. I even planned that WHEN I got out this time (setting of intent), I would exit the sliding door of the bedroom since I was not in my usual location (on the couch at night). I also asked that I be able to remember all and that if there was any help I could offer while OOB that I be shown what to do. I even placed my recorder in a different spot near the bed to be able to access it quicker and easier after awakening.

Well, as usual, ask and ‘ye shall receive’! Unfortunately, though, I feel I missed my opportunity to help, yet I try not to be too concerned as I feel I am still learning this strange new way of having a false awakening during which I meet others needing help.

I remember it took quite a while of visualization, including white light surrounding me, energy activations, and then taking my mind on a ‘virtual walk’ through a forest with a babbling stream environment that I love to do. I then became aware of the vibrations at some point, and was again happy to know I was about to get out.

However, this time, I also remember ‘playing’ with the vibrations for a bit, seeing what I could do with them. I am not sure what I was trying to do, but at one point I remember thinking, ‘oh well, that’s enough – time to get out!’

I was on my side, so I rolled over to my back and off the bed. Blind again as usual, I just dismissed it as routine and moved to the sliding door. Now, I also was so aware of my ‘physical’ shape, that I had the faintest thought that I could possibly NOT be OOB, just physically out of bed! I remember actually being able to touch and feel the walls and sliding door, and was for the faintest moment, concerned I would not be able to pass through such a ‘solid’ object.

However, due to my experiences previously, I also simultaneously KNEW that I WAS OOB, so my hand and body felt the ‘solidness’ but then felt it pass right through to the outside porch area. (I wanted to point this out as I feel it is a strong reminder that it is what you THINK things are, is what your mind will give you when OOB!)

I could ‘feel’ the brightness of the sun once outside and also remembered that my dog Buddy was sleeping on the porch furniture nearby. I thought, ‘gee, I guess this time he’s not aware of my presence because he’s awake’ as he made no attempt to move. (After fully awake I saw that Buddy was indeed on the porch furniture!)

At this point again, I wondered what to do! Since I now KNEW I was definitely OOB, I figured I’d jump off this second story porch and just take off! Funny thing, though, to get into position to jump, I distinctly remember having to ‘physically’ climb onto the porch railing!

I jumped, feeling the downward fall (surprisingly!) yet not concerned in the least. Coming within a few inches of the pavement, I said I have to do something constructive, so I affirmed ‘Inward now!’

I immediately started pulling back away from the house, watching it grow smaller and smaller, as I initially thought I’d pull back far enough to see the entire earth again. However, blackness enveloped me and I have only a foggy recall that something occurred at that point as a transition of sorts.

Now, I’m aware I’m back on my bed, slowly becoming aware. (Again, a false awakening starting here, but it was different in that I still felt this ‘altered mind state’ yet figured I had to be ‘waking’ since I was in my bed)

Now I could hear lots of noise and activity coming from a room just off the bedroom that sounded like my family members once again waking me up. This time, though, I know I heard other voices that vaguely sounded familiar, yet I couldn’t figure out who they could be. Realizing one was my sister I haven’t seen in a while, I just dismissed it as her coming to visit bringing others that I have not seen in a while as well.

So I roll over to where I had placed my recorder, and was surprised to find that not only was my recorder there, but there was a small radio and a TV remote there as well! I wondered who could have placed them there, and was a bit annoyed that it was taking me longer to get the recording going having to sort through all that was there. (Again, my focus at this time is always the fact that I have to record as quickly as possible as my recall of an OOBE is so fleeting)

Finding the recorder, I lie back on the bed sideways (unusual for me to do) and start recording the events of playing with the vibrations and getting OOB to the porch. Looking to my left, I see a room off the bedroom (that is not actually there!) where I know everyone is gathered, making the noise that woke me.

I see a young girl age 5-6 that is vaguely familiar. I know I have seen/met her before, and remember her as a very, very timid young girl. She’s wearing this ‘party’ wig of bright pink hair, yet I know her real hair color is blond. Her thin face and body is just as I ‘remembered’ it from before. She is sitting in this large straight-back chair, shaking her head ‘no’ in very small movements as if to tell me, ‘no, don’t come here to see me, don’t do anything’. I know she is easily frightened and timid, so I feel that continuing with my recording would be better than taking the chance of scaring her more.

It is at that time that I become fully aware I am really waking up and that this was all a false awakening again! I try very hard to relax back into that ‘altered mind state’ to reach the little girl, but to no avail. So I reached for the recorder and felt so ‘déjà vu’ when I starting recording the words that I know I already recorded in the false awakening!

Again, I feel I missed an opportunity to help someone, yet I also think I’m learning slowly how to ‘use’ this false awakening state of mind to perceive and interact with others who are receptive to my presence. Hopefully, with time and experience, I’ll figure out how to become more aware of the false awakening experience as it starts, not ends!

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