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Sunday, March 16, 2008

50) Two part OBE - Hotel room and retrieval


This occurred while I am on a short vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC. My first recollection was that I was in full vibrations, and can remember having them for a while prior to exiting. I believe this gave me the awareness that I was about to get out, but it took so much longer than usual to separate.

Finally I rolled over to my right and stood up, remembering I was in an unfamiliar room (hotel) and had to be sure that I really was OOB because it felt so ‘real’! I felt the ‘heaviness’ and saw a dim outline of the furniture in the room. It was very dark, but I was not totally blind as usual, and the hotel room appeared identical to IP (in physical), so I knew I was ‘out’.

Since it appeared to be my hotel room, I knew where the outside door was and headed for it. As I exited the hotel door, I saw it was no longer the hotel, but an older style house with a ‘many roomed mansion’ feeling to it (and yet I thought nothing of this change in scenery!)

I went out to the balcony railing (as is IP), but started jumping up onto the different gabled roofs of the mansion! My vision would dim at times, so I said ‘clarity now!’ (I recall I said it ‘out loud’ instead of thinking it!) It never became perfectly clear but it was enough to ‘see’ what I was doing.

After jumping around the roofs a bit, I flew to the trees, ‘physically’ feeling the branches and leaves, just to be sure I really was able to! I stayed exploring in the immediate area, then jumped to the ground and enjoyed just lying on the ground feeling the earth beneath me.

At that point, I stood up, thinking I had to do something constructive while OOB. I remembered I wanted to visit a friend, gave a little ‘hop’ to start the travel, and was disappointed to fall right back down. Somehow, I knew I was not going to be able to go at that time.

I quickly found myself back in bed in my hotel room, thinking I had awakened from the OOBE. Picking up my recorder from the bedside, I was dismayed to find the battery dead. I get up (not realizing I was still OOB!) looking for a spare battery I knew I brought in my suitcase. The suitcase was on other bed in the hotel room, just like IP. I even remember using the flashlight I keep at my bedside to look in my suitcase, same as IP!

I heard someone out in the hallway, thinking my bedroom door must be open. It sounded like a vacuum cleaner running or possibly a shower? I didn’t even think it was unusual because I knew I was a guest staying in someone’s house (who was very rich), so of course he would have servants who would be working overnight doing work to get things ready. I was not alarmed at all for some reason to have them here in my ‘hotel’ room!

An older heavyset black woman comes in (had a ‘servant’ feel to her), yet she was wrapped in towel like she just got out of a shower! Strangely, I think nothing of this! She calls me by name, asking, ”what’s the matter?” and I say, “I’m just fine, just looking for something I need”, never telling her it was a battery I was looking for.

She was partially clothed, yet wrapped in a towel, and was soaking wet, dripping water on my floor! I politely was trying to get her to leave, and said to her, “Look at you! You are dripping wet!” (I was slightly annoyed at the water dripping on the floor and the fact that I needed her to leave so I could get the battery into the recorder quickly as I was afraid I’d forget my OOBE just previous to this!)

She said “Oh dear! Ok….” and reached over to the TV cabinet (that is really there IP in the hotel room) and handed me a (wrong size-AA) battery for my recorder. I already had my own out by then, but was surprised she knew what I needed because I never did tell her directly what I was looking for!

As she left, going back out to the hallway, she was talking to someone saying, “Did you call the doctor yet?” and I had the feeling that a baby was sick so the doctor needed to be called. I went back to bed to record my OOBE but then woke up completely, realizing it was a false awakening!

(Interesting to note here that my son had called me earlier that night to let me know that he was taking my new granddaughter to the doctors as she was very sick!)

I also think the fact that I had the OOBE with the change from a hotel room to a rich person’s multi-roomed mansion was necessary for me to maintain calmness and ‘rationale’ thinking when I had the false awakening and discovered that there were other people in my area that I would be interacting with.

Could this perhaps have been a housekeeper that used to work here in the hotel? She had more of a ’modern feeling’ to her, and the room looked identical to my actual hotel room, but yet when I was OOB outside it was a mansion with a late 18th-early 19th century feel to it.

This was the first false awakening that actually had someone else besides my family in it. I believe it could be that the previous ones with family may have taught me how to remain in this consciousness level just a bit longer before fully awakening. Is it possibly a way of keeping me in a lower astral level just a bit longer so that I can interact with those who are ‘living’ in this near physical realm? That’s what I’m getting a feeling it could be for.

Another interesting point is that almost every false awakening lately (at least the last three or four), has involved my recorder malfunctioning in some way. This may be a key factor that I should keep in mind to make me become aware that I am in this near physical state of consciousness and perhaps be able to stay in this level longer in order to interact with others here, like the older black woman.

Going back to bed, there was a part two of this night - another OOBE, but not in the near physical as this one was. I believe it may have involved some sort of ‘retrieval’ for a very distraught young woman, but I am just not sure. I remember asking that I be able to help someone should I get out again.

I again found myself in vibrations, but this time in bed focusing on a window I saw at the foot of the bed (not there IP). I knew I just had to focus on going out the window to get ready. So I requested help and protection and I quickly became aware of a screen or curtain to the right side of my bed. I could see a flickering of light coming from behind it, and intuitively knew that someone would be entering the room from there, so I prepared myself for contact.

Walking into the room was a young woman, who moved and talked very quickly. She appeared distraught, and was speaking a language I did not understand (German or European type with hard g’s and k’s). Again I intuitively knew I was not supposed to understand her, as she walked to the left side of my bed. I was alarmed, but still remained calm as she places her hand between my legs, and I remember saying “no!” It was at that point, I realized she was an abused woman, and was trying to tell me something.

I was able to coax her to sit on the bed, keeping her talking, just listening but not understanding. Finally, she got to the point where I was able to hug her, and then I proceeded to cradle her like a baby. Surprisingly, I can now understand her words as she is speaking in English, and she is telling me about her special place in the woods where she would go to get away sometimes.

I felt concerned that I didn’t know how to correctly deal with this situation, yet I knew I had to make her become aware she was not here IP anymore. I said “tell me what happened the last time” and she didn’t understand me, giving me a puzzled look.
Now I’m really concerned, thinking I said something wrong, so I clarified my sentence by asking, “no, the last time you were in the woods, tell me what happened. It’s ok; you can tell me…what did you do there?” Again I intuitively had the feeling that the last time she went in the woods was when she committed suicide.

Unfortunately, when I asked that question, it is exactly when I started fading back to awareness! Now I’m concerned because I don’t know if I said the wrong thing or if I said enough for her to realize the last time she was in the woods that that is what happened.

I tried to lie there, in that semi-awake stage, to ask if I did right or wrong but did not get any kind of validation. This was a definite interaction with a distraught soul, but I am not sure of its ending. I am hoping that by calming her down enough to make her remember in a more rational thought process what she did the last time she was in the woods would enable her to deal with where she was at now and allow her to cross over completely. At least that is what I am hoping for, as I do not want to think I did more harm than good!

One last event I recorded was just before awakening the next morning, when I recall hearing words that knew to be very important and profound. All I could remember of it was the following that I recorded: “You have always had a clear and open channel to God/Universe….all we have to do is look for it. Every single person has it; many just don’t know to seek it, or chose to ignore it, or just don’t chose to use it.

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