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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

178) Life’s Lessons

Interesting 'experience' I had just before waking this morning.....funny how your entire life can play out over what feels to be a 'short simple event' within a 'dreamstate'.  I can't give details here (too many personal ones), but it seems that each action I did within it correlated with a 'lesson' I had learned over my life and where I'm at now, and what I need to do to continue on.

The ultimate conclusion was based upon the idea that I have learned to be the one 'in control' of what happens to me now with all the changes I have had over the past year and will have to keep moving forward. (I knew I 'came with a crowd so can't leave' on my own yet) 

I have learned that it was MY perception of what others are thinking of me that formed much of my life actions (I felt that insecurity I had had throughout life). I knew I had made some 'not so good decisions' that I was able to overcome and understand why I didn't need to do it anymore (although my actions may have opened the door for others to do similar behind me) 

And at the very end, I was SO confident I HAD done all this before (many times!) and so confident in how I was feeling about myself now. Facing this last 'obstacle' (having to climb up to get to a familiar place was going to be difficult but NOT impossible) and now knowing I was 'properly dressed', I easily climbed!! 

I woke just as I KNEW I was to the point of the climb that it was going to be easier now to move into that 'place'! So there...even without the details you can see all the learning I've done!

To be honest, I almost didn’t pay attention to this ‘experience’ as the action I was going through felt almost mundane and nothing like an OBE.  However, there WAS such as strong feeling associated with each event, I felt it to be significant enough to try to recall more details.

Sure enough, with ‘conscious awareness’ and understand now from a ‘physical’ perspective (although many things were quite abstract and difficult to interpret), I was able to knit together how it related to my life and where I am at.  As they say, there are truly NO wrong paths in life, so I guess I’m just where I am supposed to be!

Addendum: Even my own experiences have changed a bit lately, as I’m finding there is a lot more ‘inner work’ being done.  IMO, it is the new energies coming in our planet aligning ourselves to higher possibilities, helping us to focus on ‘core issues’ (personal growth and development) that are best at this time, as it truly is important to realize that the only one with the MOST ability to change is yourself!  With personal growth and the sharing of experiences, we are better able to help others grow, which in turn, will always help ourselves!

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