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Sunday, April 15, 2012

173) Sending Myself Healing Energy


This is the first OBE that I have had since I became very ill two weeks ago and was hospitalized. I’m home now and recovering slowly, and am thankful to be able to still get out of body despite the less-than-optimal state of health.

I became aware when I found myself visiting another house where I felt I was ‘staying’ as a visitor. I can recall knowing I was out of body, but wondered why I felt so sluggish and slow. To prove to myself I was out of body, I managed to do some slow flips and little jumps that confirmed my state of being.

The next recall was lifting higher and higher, looking down on my own house. As I came down into my house, I moved from room to room, viewing everything from ceiling level. Passing from the dining room to the kitchen, I intentionally made myself pass through the wall, and thoroughly enjoyed the feel of the ‘crackling’ sensation as I did. This only continued to confirm to me that I was out and in control.

Heading back to the living room, I passed by a large mirror that is there in real life. I see my reflection and continue on past. Seeing myself, it makes me remember that I had wanted to send healing energy to my body should I find myself out again and so moved toward the bedroom.

In the next moment, I stopped to think, ‘hey, if I can see myself in the mirror, maybe I can just send energy to my body via my reflection!” Somehow I knew I just didn’t want to get close to my physical body as I would likely return without sending healing.

Facing the mirror, I remember putting my hands up next to my reflection and moving them across my abdomen and head , two areas where I still have discomfort in real life. (I am amazed that the clarity of thought allowed me to remember where I hurt!)

I remember thinking, ‘send energy!’, but did not feel or see anything unusual happening. I do remember paying attention at my face in the mirror and concerned that it was a sad and tired looking Karen, definitely not one of my better appearances.

I became distracted at the arrival of my son coming into the room and being playful and silly. He paid no attention to me, and after a few minutes, he looked out the door, saw something that felt to be urgent and took off.

It was at this point I felt the tug back to body and found myself awake on the bed. Although this was a relatively short and passive sort of OBE, at least I remembered I had the intention of sending myself some healing.

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Anonymous said...

Karen, I just recently discovered your blog, and I've enjoyed very much
reading your posts.

I'm sorry to hear that you have been
ill recently, and I hope you are
feeling better.
- Japonica