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Friday, March 2, 2012

170) Diffusing Emotions; Family Concerns

March 1, 2012

My first recollection for this experience was the fact that there were two people holding my hands, one on each side of the bed I was lying in, trying to get my attention. This brought me to full ‘awareness’ in realizing that I was likely transitioning into the astral vibration.

I saw a man and a woman, both appeared Hispanic, with the woman on my left, and the male on my right. I asked, ‘who’s there?’ to the woman told me her name (Gabrique? Gabrie…?) We started to talk, and the conversation was polite and friendly at first, and I recall asking them where they met (as I could tell they were together as a couple), and they told me all about how they met in a pizza shop, with him as the pizza maker.

During the conversation at one point (which I totally forgot any further details), the woman leaned down to whisper in my left ear something about being fearful and/or anxious with the male. I because aware of an uneasy tension that developed in the room and the atmosphere changed dramatically.

Now the male seemed to become angry, and bent down to talk in my right ear, telling me ‘negative’ things about her. I was taken aback at the change of energy into angry emotions and I knew I had to diffuse the situation quickly.

I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I do remember that initially I felt I did NOT do the right thing and realized the futility of it. I found myself yelling back at them, getting caught up in their emotional energy and sending my OWN emotions back at them (this is hard to describe as I felt I was actually showing/doing/feeling these emotions more than speaking them).

I realized this was not working, and so knew I had to ‘send love’ and tell them how much they WERE loved, that they are loving beings and a good person despite what they had been through in life. I felt they needed to know that they were loved…so I said, “I love you”…”you are loved”….”you are good people’….

This seemed to change their ‘energy’ immediately, and they became very light and happy again, happy and content with each other. They were able to work out their issues immediately and I even told them, “I bet you’ll be able to find other people now!”, meaning there would be other family and friends now available to meet. They both were so excited to think they’d be able to do that! I asked the male again what his name was and I think he responded, “Henry” or “Enrique”? I could still feel their joy they moved hand in hand out of the room, light, happy and joyous!

The scene changed, I got the words “Jean Hutchinson” and the fact that her husband is ‘here’ now, having crossed over and was happy, and that they too had met in a pizza shop…or that they worked there…. ??

Then while still ‘in my bed’, I saw my father walk into the room, and immediately became very concerned, thinking, “what are you doing here? oh no! please tell me I’m fully awake and that you haven’t crossed over!” (MY dad is still alive but not doing as well as he used to, so maybe this was a concern of mine manifesting?) My dad tells me that he was driving the lawnmower (as he does in real life here) and crossed the driveway and ran into something that caused an explosion that caused him to cross over!

I then see my brother enter the room as well, carrying a baby carrier with an infant, and he says,” yeah, and I was there too” meaning he was caught up in the explosion and crossed over as well. I was rather upset, concerned this was ‘real’, so I said “no, I’m awake, this is not real….I must be awake and not talking to spirits”….which of course I really wasn’t awake.

I realized now that I had to write up the first experience quickly so I didn’t forget. I didn’t remember my recorder as I usually do, but scrambled to find some paper to write on. Then I had to find a pen, which didn’t work, and finally just grabbed some paper out of a nearby computer to write it on.

It was at that point I heard an alarm go off, waking me to full wakefulness and realizing that I had not written anything, and that the memories of everything that just happened were fading fast!

I’m not sure what all this means, but I writing it anyway…if anyone gets any insight from it, I’d be happy to hear! It’s interesting that I now it seems the spirits are coming to me, and this time even ‘waking’ me to help them! It seems I haven’t been able to get out of my bedroom for some astral traveling for a few experiences now!!

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