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Thursday, October 20, 2011

159) Rough Exit; New Technique; Astral Vision with Eye

October 20, 2011

I’m pleased to be able to post another OBE on my blog, as it has been quite an emotional few weeks with many changes in my life. I feel I’m just now beginning to get things under control, and have been thinking that my OBEs might start to return.

I’ve been having short lucid dreams and using the new methods that Robert Moss has shown me in his workshop to try to understand more of what the dream process wants to teach me. It’s quite interesting to see how your ‘dreaming’ mind, once in the ‘in-between’ state just before waking, can bring up all sort of symbolic and relevant images that pertain to your personal learning. Journaling this information is educational for me, but unfortunately, not enough to share on my blog.

This morning, however, I found myself within a dream, again driving a car and realizing it just wasn’t handling right. I thought my tires were low (as has been happening in real life) and went to stop the car, now finding out that there were no brakes!! I’m careening toward vehicles that are in my path and I now remember that this is a serious, possibly life-threatening situation I’m in.

I have learned that anytime I find myself in a serious situation to do a ‘reality check’ and it was just before the impending crash that I realized there was a tiny bit of doubt as to whether this was ‘real’ or not. That was all I needed to KNOW now that this WAS a dream and I could move out and take control!

I realized upon taking control that my arms and legs are now floating above my body. Excited to get out again, I roll over and am surprised to ‘feel’ as if I’m tangled in a bunch of cords and sheets! It takes a second ‘rollout’ before I’m able to stand, and as I shake the cords free, I have the sensation of holding my pillow under my right arm! Since I am currently sleeping in a different bedroom in the house, this might have played a part in my ‘tangled’ feelings in this new bedroom environment.

Without thinking too much about why I have this pillow, I move out into the hall and down to the living room. Everything appears just as it is, and now the pillow is gone. I don’t usually have any sensation of a ‘body’ once out, but this time I remember the Astral Projectors group on Facebook talking about Mike Raduga’s phasing and his deepening technique of rubbing your hands together. So I try to do this to see what would happen.

I am aware that I can easily ‘feel’ my hands rubbing together, and even am able to look down to see the ethereal white glowing of hands in front of me. At the same time, however, I affirm ‘clarity now!’ and have an improvement in my vision. (I’m not sure if it was the deepening technique or my usual affirmation, but I wasn’t going to question it) I’m just pleased that I was able to remember to do this technique, as I rarely take the time to focus on anything ‘bodily’ related due to fear of returning back to body.

I move easily to the side door, through the dining room, clearly seeing and enjoying being out once again. I am now eager to get outdoors and flying again, so I start to take a running jump to ‘fly’ through the patio doors to take off.

I’m so surprised to feel a sudden ‘pull-back’ and lifting up, and I’m watching the house disappear below me as I move straight up! I’m a bit disappointed to find myself back in body in my bed, but with a small ‘porthole’ type window appearing in front of me, similar to what I have described as ‘astral vision’ before.

I am aware I’m in body, but can see into this porthole a beautiful countryside with animals, but this time it’s SO tiny, that I wonder why I can’t make it bigger to see more or even pass into!

What happened next was unexpected, as this ‘tiny’ porthole pulled back and I was now able to see that it was the entire iris and pupil of a left eye! Somehow I knew this shadowy person looking at me…..was me! I was looking directly into the left pupil of my other ‘self’ to see this ‘world’ within! (Seems I've been 'seeing' quite a bit of my 'other' self lately!)

I woke fully right after, trying to recall all the details of this unusual exit and ending. I’m so happy I have something to share with everyone after this long dry period. IMO, my limited excursions lately is likely due primarily to the new life I’m beginning, as well as my lack of focus and setting intentions/plans for what to do when out of body. I know will be affirming every night what it is I want to do should I find myself out of body again!

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TreeFrog said...

Ha! How ironic that this experience of seeing your own iris and having a rough ride with so little control is special to such a semi-self-controlling astral wanderer as yourself!

Such OBE experiences as seeing my own eye via the porthole have been run-of-the-mill to me, as a take-control impoverished OBEr.

Yes, I have had the `astral' seeing many times, despite the fact that I am unable to influence 95% of my experiences when `out'.

I feel that this astral seeing through a porthole is strongly associated with 3rd eye/brow chakra activity. I find that this exxperience is often followed upon waking by a lingering, small, bright image that floats in front of my eyes for a few seconds.