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Sunday, September 11, 2011

155) OBE Meeting in Maine and Hotel Experience

The Travels of a Dreamwalker - Facebook Meeting 9/10/11

As promised, I thought I’d post a quick synopsis of what events occurred during the first OBE ‘road trip’ and meeting in Scarborough, Maine. The prior blog post (#154) recounts the first experience I had during this trip while visiting a fellow OBEr in Cape Cod, MA.

This meeting was arranged through a Facebook event posted a few weeks ago. (

I will begin by recounting the OBE that occurred the night before the meeting was to happen. I awoke about 3:30am in the hotel room, and decided I’d like to try for an experience that I could share with the group the next day.

I first realized I was watching myself in a dream, walking around an unfamiliar kitchen looking for something. Realizing I wasn’t going to find it, I decided I’d go back to bed. I remember walking down a long hallway with doors on both sides (hotel hall?) until I found my own room.

Once back in bed in this unfamiliar room, I realized I was in light vibrations! What happened next was really interesting in that it seems my ‘consciousness’ moved from the ‘dream bed’ to my real bed!! I found myself fully conscious, knowing I’m physically in the hotel bed in Maine, in full vibrations!!! I was excited, but kept calm and tried to roll out.

I was confused at first, because I wasn’t sure which side of the bed would be best to roll out!! I just decided I’d ‘float’ and that’s when I was able to get to the window by my bed. Passing through the window to the outdoors, I could again feel the texture change of the glass and coolness of the night air.

Standing on the sidewalk, I tried to recall what it was that I wanted to do!! I remembered that I could always just affirm, “to my higher self!” and have a great experience, but also at that moment thought that perhaps this ‘higher self’ experience might be too ‘deep’ or hard to understand for the group the next day!

To I affirmed, “let me help someone!” as that is always what comes naturally as the next option when I’m out of body. At that moment, I found myself zooming upwards, and could look down as floor after floor of a building disappeared below me.

Finding myself in total blackness now, I am aware of strong arms around me. I feel happy and comforted, and know this is likely one of my guides who always accompanies me.

The next part is an interesting aspect of dream travel or astral projection. It seems whatever is on your mind recently will many times take precedent over what you see and do when out of body. This time was no exception, and I remember thinking, “hey, this is a good time to ask my guide what to do about (a personal situation)” that I had just discussed over dinner that night.

So I ask him as he is behind me and over my left shoulder I can hear him tell me that ‘some things just take time’ or something like that which did answer my question in a roundabout way. I decided at that point I wanted to see him, and twisted to the left to face him.

Just as in many of my other experiences with my guides, again he disappears and I feel the pullback to full wakefulness. Somehow I know that I must have told my guides to not let me get too much from them this time around in physical, as I wanted to do it myself! Lol The good part of the experience is that I did get to ‘help someone’ but it seems that that person was me!

At the meeting the next day, we had a good turnout of approximately 14 people, including our own Jaime M-Lundquist of California, founder of the Astral Projectors group on Facebook, via Skype on the computer. We wanted to trial the use of Skype for giving a wider range of audience participation possibly in the future, and from what I can see, this is definitely a possibility! Thanks Jaime for hanging in, despite the few disconnects and internet issues!

We had a beautiful room at the Hilton, quiet and secluded, and Leslie Dutton was the key facilitator I want to thank again for making sure we had a comfortable environment and some light snacks for the meeting.

After having everyone introduce themselves, I just gave a brief overview of who I was and what I did. From there, the conversations ranged from benefits of astral travel, techniques, what to expect, various blog experiences, and even UFO’s and ‘otherworldly’ contacts that many of the participants have had. This was a great panel of very open-minded and eager to learn individuals. There were SO many topics we discussed as a group, giving way to open and free flowing conversations, while answering as many questions as possible.

It was wonderful to have other astral projectors there, like Jo Leach and Jaime Lundquist, to share their experiences and interpretations on events that occurred. Even our hostess, Leslie Dutton, was so animated in sharing her first out of body experience which added greatly to the validity of the topic for the participants, as many already knew her and could see her ‘life-altering’ perceptions that came from the experience.

It is my hope that our excitement and joy in discussing and sharing the wide range of experiences and self-knowledge that came out at this meeting will encourage those who participated to seek more information about out of body travel and how it can benefit their lives.

I am looking forward to continuing to grow and learn as I travel, and will not be happy to just astrally travel anymore! Hopefully I shall be able to include more ‘physical’ travel now to see others to share my experiences with who are eager to learn and develop the out-of-body abilities that are already within each one of them!

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Jaime M-Lundquist said...

Thank you Karen for your kind words, the meeting was awesome, full of great information on all topics, and thank you for making it work so I could be there with all of you in main via Skype. What a great idea for future meetings. Your OBE is very interesting!
Happy Travels