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Saturday, August 6, 2011

153) Helping a Fearful Child


This is just a short experience I had early this am after waking and moving to my ‘traveling couch’. I thought I’d still try for the use of the MP3’s to help my ‘becoming aware’, but this time it wasn’t needed! I did use Jurgen Ziewe’s chanting sounds to relax but that was all.

I found myself ‘awake’ lying on the couch, and being aware of a sense of FEAR! Not so much for ME being fearful, but fear that was associated with someone quite close to my body as it lay on the couch!

I didn’t really see this person at first, just felt the strong fear energies emanating from it, which of course, to be honest, made me just a little bit concerned. My fear dissipated immediately when realized this was a very small child standing next to me! (He couldn’t have been more than 2 years old, likely less…)

I was at first caught offguard, wondering ‘Now what do I do?!?’ and then I sensed an adult presence also nearby at the bottom of the couch area. This was a female, clearly seen, short sandy-colored hair and small glasses and petite frame. I somehow knew she was waiting for this child to know she was there.

I’m not sure how I did it, but turning to face the child I sent love and even tried to hug him with my energies. He calmed immediately and I told him, “look who’s here!” as I picked him up and handed him to this woman. I have no idea how I knew what to do, or if I was doing the right thing, I just did what felt to be right.

The woman smiled, the child’s energies calmed and changed, and then they both disappeared!

This all happened so quick and I can remember thinking I have to get this recorded!! I distinctly remember taking out the recorder and recording it….BUT.. I found out later that I STILL wasn’t awake when I did that because the recorder was sitting untouched next to me when I fully awoke!

Thankfully, this ‘close to physical’ experience was easy to recall, even if short. I do get a feeling of being some help, and am happy to know this fearful child is safe and happy once again!

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Bee said...

Reading your blog this morning had me contemplating a number of things I've recently read on projection.

Sometimes people get frustrated with their progress but maybe periods of limitation are not just for the well being of the projector but also for the welfare of deceased people, especially the children.

Imagine if your little one had been drawn to somebody who, in their fear, saw the child as a negative entity and took action accordingly. Such things surely cannot be allowed to occur!