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Sunday, July 31, 2011

152) Seeing Buddy again; Teaching my Daughter

July 30, 2011

For this experience, again I had difficulty in falling back asleep once I moved to the ‘traveling couch’ about 3am. I used the MP3s again to fall back asleep and was disappointed to wake without any memory of dreams or OBE’s at 5am.

Not getting discouraged, I decided to try a different series of MP3s that I had made into a playlist, this one with the recording of the words “I’m dreaming” built in after the guided meditation for induction of the right ‘mind state’, followed by a white noise type binaural beats.

Part of my problem with falling back to sleep and staying asleep was the fact that my new kitten insisted on climbing on top of me and nuzzling me at random times!! I knew this might be an issue for getting OOB, but I remembered I was able to do it before with her here, so I just kept trying.

In hindsight, this may have actually helped me, as I remember starting my tapes and realized my next recollection was of the cat moving around by my legs. In ‘looking’ there, I saw not only my kitten, but also my passed on black lab curled up next to me! He was SO happy to see me and I was ecstatic to be able to rub him and cuddle him again! I do remember thinking he had had a ‘haircut’, and that was unusual, especially since he never needed one before!

It didn’t ‘click’ right away that this was unusual, but then I realized, ‘wait, he can’t be here’ and I strained to remember that I DID take him to the vet last year when he was SO infirmed and sick. My mind was befuddled for a few seconds, as he was here and SO real, that I had to force myself to remember the details of his death to know this was not a ‘physical life’ reality.

What is also unusual though is when I realized I was likely in my ‘astral body’, I didn’t even have the awareness to roll out and move! My next recollection seems to be within a ‘dream’ again, finding myself leisurely walking around a ‘flea market’ of some sort.

I’m looking at objects, talking with people and SUDDENLY, I stop in my tracks with the realization, ‘hey, I could be out of body…maybe I AM dreaming!’ (I was confused when I first woke, wondering why I had this sudden realization as there was no apparent ‘trigger’ in that dream sequence at the flea market –an anomaly or other signal like I just had with my dog Buddy – to trigger this awareness!)

I took the chance I was ‘out’ and tried to do the little jump which confirmed I was out!! (By doing a little jump and seeing how it ‘feels’ more floating and soft, then you know!) I do remember flying around and doing a few things first, but then I remembered I was there with my daughter!

I did a ‘superman pose’ flying swoop to where she was in another room, and she jumped down from some height to be with me. I told her, “You know you’re dreaming, don’t you?” She said, “No, what do you mean?” I said, “You’re are actually dreaming now and you can do whatever you want since you are out of body! You can do flips….(which, with that statement, I realized she CAN do flips already as she is a gymnast!)…well, so you can do that already, but now you can also fly!! Do a little jump, you’ll see!”

With that, she did a little jump, and said, “Wow, this is great! I am dreaming!” and she took off flying and swooping all around the room! She moved outdoors, and now I am watching her ‘remotely’ as if on a screen in front of me. I see her flying all around this playground, having so much fun, doing all kinds of things, and even passing directly through the back of a bench!

As I stood there watching her, I remember clearly thinking, ‘let me try recording now because I really want to remember all that I’ve done!’ So I pull out my recorder, holding it firmly in my hand, and see that it looks totally different from what it normally does. Instead of small and grey, it is rather large and dark colored. Nevertheless, I want to try, and with a click of the switch, I see the lights go on and am thrilled maybe I CAN record ‘from here’ so that I could retain more memories!

I framed the words in my mind and then try to speak….but I had no voice! Such an odd ‘feeling’! I’m trying to ‘talk’, I have the words and memories, but nothing is coming ‘out’! Now my thoughts are ‘gosh, this is likely going to make me go back to body, isn’t it?’…and then of course, I feel that transitioning to more wakefulness immediately after. I wake, finding nothing in my hands, and my recorder still carefully tucked at my side.

This was the first time I consciously took a chance of trying to do something I knew would make me go back to body. I generally try to avoid such things, but I so wanted to be able to recall more memories.

Also, in looking at the clock I see it is now 6am, only an hour after starting my MP3s. The hour-long white noise was still playing and only about 15 minutes into it. What I realized was that the timing of the voice stating, “I’m dreaming” was likely the trigger for the ‘sudden realization’ I had in the flea market! It worked! Instead of my usual ‘triggers’ to awareness (anomalies in what is usual), I must have unconsciously ‘heard’ those words which make me stop and think about my ‘state’!

I talked to my daughter later that day to see if she could validate or confirm any of the events. She had no specific recall, but what she told me was astonishing to me. She told me she ‘dreams a lot’ but never takes the times to try to remember them. I asked her if she ever becomes aware she is dreaming while within a dream, and she said, ‘Oh, all the time!’ She went on to say that there are times when she even is aware enough to ask herself, “I wonder if this is what my mom does when she tells me she is traveling in her dreams”!!!!

Wow, I was shocked…and told her that she has already learned the hardest part of learning to travel OOB, the ability to become ‘aware’ within a dream! I was a little disappointed, though, to hear her say that she had no interest at this time to pursue this ability. As she says, most times when she becomes aware, she remembers feeling like she would prefer to ‘just go back to the dream’ and enjoy it instead of keeping the control.

This was a great OBE, I feel, as I not only learned more about my daughter’s abilities, but that it also gave me another chance to ‘be with’ my beloved pet Buddy again! But I also learned another lesson…that I’ll just have to live with the loss of memories rather than try to make any more recordings while remaining conscious in the astral!! lol

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TreeFrog said...

Karen, this is very touching - it warms me just reading it...the dog etc.

What I think I do discern from this is that your daughter is ready for more!

Funnily enough, I was OBE last night and wasn't sure if I was or not, until I started the re-entry..I had no sign!