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Saturday, June 25, 2011

149) Transition to Consciousness Using Fear

I just wanted to share a quick experience I had with a short nap I had today, something I rarely do (take a nap) but maybe I should consider! lol

I've always wondered why it is that I don't become 'lucid' when I find myself undergoing some significant distress in my dreams. It would seem to me that if I felt I was in a 'dire moment' where I was about to undergo some significant injury or even death that I should be able to realize it's only a dream and wake up to 'consciousness'.

In thinking about this more lately, I realized that should I next find myself in this type of situation, that it WOULD be a good idea to just 'assume' I'm dreaming and take off. With the understanding that this life is 'but a dream' in essence (as we are spiritual beings having a physical body), even if it WAS 'physical life' that this was happening in, then I'd still 'wake to consciousness' on the other side! Does this make sense? In other words, I would avoid the pain and suffering of a severe injury or 'death' if it was 'real life' or a dream, thereby enjoy the easy transition to my real 'self'!

Anyway, I had the chance to use this new idea today, as I found myself doing something around a heavy machinery tractors (what I was doing there, I had no idea!) At one point, the backhoe (digging machine) that I had climbed up on started to tilt and fall backward down a steep incline. I was immediately catapulted upward off the front of the machine very, very high!!

I 'knew' that I was about to be killed or severely injured when I landed, as there would be no avoiding it with how high I was. I somehow remembered at that point that there was no reason to fear, it HAD to be a dream and that I could just take off flying! And I did!!! I was THRILLED to know that I could do this, feeling my falling body now soaring and not having to worry about being hurt or dying!!!

Ok, that's it...maybe doesn't sound like much, but I can see that my experiences are taking things up a notch and becoming more frequent. I'm thrilled they've returned and just wanted to share my new 'perspective' on things!

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